Sunday, December 25, 2005

The year that was.....

Well, another year of our life comes to and end. And it is the time of the year when we tend to reflect on what has changed in the past 365 days of our lives.
365 days – measured in passing weekends – passed like a wind. Now when I sit to recount the experiences, I am finding it difficult to recount all of it. May be the time had passed too quickly for me to stop and take notice of what was happening.
It was a year of new friends, a new life at Mysore, good fun, some adventure,long tiring journeys, some hard work, some wonderful moments, and some disappointments. My mind says give it a rating out of 5. hmm…. And I have to apply the same mind a lot. Well, I would give it 2.5. Why? I don’t know why.. may be because I cannot see some distinctive way in which I developed. May be unconsciously without my knowing I grew, I learnt many things. But at this point of time I can’t think of any. At this moment, what I find is that it was a confusing year which resulted in me landing nowhere. Due to the confusion I never could really focus on one target completely. At some point of time it was planning to take a transfer to Chandigarh, then it was whether to go for MBA. The decisions, I feel were not taken by me but more by circumstances and thoughts of other people floating around me. On the work front, not much to learn – again I must say consciously. The months during Porsche was the only time I got to learn something – it basically gave me my confidence back - the confidence that I can code. Though I may be still not a good coder, but now I don’t fear coding. I can face it. Though a bit tough, but I enjoyed that phase. And may be those 2 months contributed a lot to those 2.5 marks I gave to this year. Rest of those can be attributed to some good friends I made here in Mysore. New roommates and friends at work place with whom the bonding increased manifold during each passing day. I had thought that college was the last place where one could have made ‘real’ friends. But it was not entirely true. And as the year ends, like last college days, everyone looks for a different path – for the better of course. And I can only wish and hope that the bonds last forever.
On a personal note, I have now decided that I won’t let myself confused anymore. It will be 1 thing at a time. Whether it is right or wrong, only the future can tell. But a decision once taken has to be followed. Fickle mindedness won’t get you anywhere- it is like a whirlpool which can only suck you in.
I won’t term it as a New Year resolution, because these resolutions have a way not to be followed. But what I plan is my decisions have to be my own – well thought out and not temporary. I have to stick to it – and hope that it takes me on the right path. !!!!