Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Becoming Part of History..

So India has made up for the loss of World Cup early in this year with a great 20 - 20 World Cup victory... The match was awesome similar to the previous India - Pakistan tied match.
And we all go down in the history books as a rare species who have witnessed India win a World Cup.... though I am sure the number of people in this rare species will run into millions..
Well Done India...
(though I must say the last over by Joginder Sharma was pathetic.... the ball on which 10th wicket fell was a full toss and could have been easily tossed over the boundary had the batsman not tried to act extra smart.)
Anyways all's well that ends well!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Rare Exclusive Interview !

Its 16th September again… Oh c’mon, don’t tell me you don’t remember… It’s my birthday today….
I am 2 years old today… taaaliyaaan!!!! Thank u thank u.... In this happening year, I have gained weight of 85 posts… cool na??
On this momentous occasion my creator - my father was exclusively interviewed by mother of my very good friend cuckoo.. read on….. Ya I know..my father is much less interesting than me..but hope you find it OK..
So here it goes…..

Good morning Mr Bedi. Before we start, let me Introduce my pet Tiger to you.. he's always hungry and let me put a few things a little straight to you. As you know I would be taking your interview, you have to remain seated calmly without questioning my questions or no. of questions. There are going to be five main questions with some sub-questions. Treat them as parts a, b, c etc. please be as detailed as possible, it'll give you some practice for your ongoing exams.
And please keep your face a little more cheerful. It looks like you have come here for a mourning or is it that Parampara experience is still fresh ? I hope they've not beaten you black & blue. Yeah, that's a little better now. Keep smiling like that. You look good in that pose. So, shall we start ?
1. Well, Mr. Bedi you have been blogging since Sep 2005.. almost 2 years. What changes have you noticed in you in these 2 years ? You have 2 blogs, how much importance do you give to each one of them? Now that you have again started studying , do you think it'll have adverse effect on your blogging? How are you planning to manage ? You are posting very little on your second blog. What happened now? Have your thoughts stopped provoking you ?

Well, change is the essence of life.. and without knowing we change a lot every moment, every day. 2 years is a long time and I myself cannot quantify the change in this long long time. How much of this can be attributed to the blog – well it is a medium to put in the thoughts.. and your thoughts to get modify if you write them. Sometimes it forces you to think positive, even if you are having negative mindset and that is the most important change one can have any time in life.
Regarding 2 blogs – yes, I have not concentrated on the second one. Actually I had started it as a theme blog. During that time, lots of discussions used to take place between us roommates - KT, Akash, Vibhu, me – so just wanted to capture some of them and hence started the blog. With time everyone moved out and hence the motivation actually went away. Now I do have some plans to revive it after exams in a different manner. Lets see how far it shapes up.
And studies do affect the blogging though I can say that it is not that bad till now…they have become smaller though.

2. Oh I am so sorry for throwing a bucket of water on you. I know you have a cute innocent face but that won't work on me. I told you not to pretend sleepy during interview. Now let us talk about your spiritual & political beliefs. What do you have to say on these? ... You are NOT supposed to copy my answers. And no one liner please. I know you have to complete a FinAcc assignment but that's not an excuse.

That bucket full of water was refreshing.. thanks.. i hadn't taken bath today... and was feeling sleepy too...
Fin. accounting assignment – don’t worry, my roomie is doing it. I just need to copy it… Ok. About political beliefs – I believe in what was said in RDB and Nayak . Oh sorry… I think you have still not seen the movies. In short, I believe that blaming the politicians is not entirely correct. If you blame, you should be courageous enough to step into their shoes or at least so something towards that direction. I know it’s very easy to say and tough to do… but I think it is changing and it will change.
As regards spiritual, I don’t believe in the concept of religion or praying to God. Jesus, guru nanak etc – they may have walked on this earth sometime in the ancient history. But they ended there and then. Their thoughts have carried on but considering them as God and praying them – I don’t believe in that…. But I do think there is some kind of unknown force present. It may be the unknown powers of our unexplored brain – not sure of it..

3. Well, Mr. Bedi. Ah, you have a pretty good short name. Can I call you SiD ? Oh thank you for obliging me. NO NO.. don't move. I understand it's quite hot in there sitting on that boiling pot. It is a matter of a few minutes if you co-operate nicely. Now describe your most embarrassing moment till date and also a moment when you felt like crying.

Shoo.. shooo.. get this tiger away yaar… I feel uncomfortable in presence of animals… specially the species called tigers… thanks.. much better… already an embarrassing question and top of it your ‘protective’ tiger… haan.. what was the question.. embarrassing moment.. umm… umm… what comes to mind at this particular time can be the first project at infy.. I had an important delivery that day to be sent onsite.. first project… first big delivery.. there were some nerves running out there.. I composed a nice mail.. added everyone in ‘To’ and ‘CC’.. and pressed ‘ctrl+ enter’.. had quite recently learnt the outlook shortcut… ..got back to work… and for some purpose opened the sent items folder.. and realized that there was no attachment in the mail… damn it..... it was late evening. That means morning at US… and the PM could check the mail anytime… more nerves now… I copied pasted the mail in a fresh window… added a line.. sorry for not sending the attachment.. and again pressed ctrl+enter…The 3rd mail did have the attachment… my PL later said.. no problem.. happens… It never happened after that !!!
As regards crying, my mother often tells me this story. During class 8th or 9th history exam, I actually cried while preparing for it as I couldn’t understand the damn mohanjedaro’s and iron age, bronze age civilizations…

4. No, you can not remove that bright jazzy red T-shirt which Rompy gifted you last year and again telling you.. remain seated quietly. Don't try to show off your biceps/triceps to a girl. Arre haan wahi your dole/shole. My pet tiger is curiously looking at you and he has just had a bucketful of Vodka. He now wants to taste some non-veg.
Well, the topic of friends has come up.. I can see you have written quite a lot posts about them. So would you please tell us what do friends mean to you ? Do you have any friend of school years whom you have lost touch with and would want to be with him/her now?
What about blogger friends ? What ?? Me ? NO, no don't even look at me. Tiger !! come here & sit near this sweet fella. He is upto something I guess.

Abbey hattt Tiger ke bacchee.. haan so what were you asking.. oh let me come sit near you. This tiger is growling a lot.. I can’t even hear you… ok.. this is much better.. so about friends…well friends are indeed very important for me…my core group of friends have been a great influence in my life.. I cherish every moment with them and when u are with them more than 8 hours every day for 4 years of your life.. you tend to have plenty of such moments.. hence the blogs.. regarding school friends.. orkut has played a big role in helping get in touch with many of them.. I don’t think there is any, with whom I have lost touch.. less frequency, I agree but not complete.
Blogger friends..hmm…you r leaning forward now.. I think this is a topic of interest for you..well.. there are just 2 people whom I have really become friends through my blog. One, whom I already knew and had seen and other one is the one sitting beside me listening quite intently…. I must say that your blogs have been remarkable – the high popularity in a short time proves that you are able to connect with people and their thoughts.. and that is what brings everyone including me to the pink nest of yours.. some one becomes your friend when he/she is able to understand you.. And that has precisely been the reason here…

just out of curiosity, how did u know that i had been gifted a red t-shirt??? it was not rompy though but some friends did gift me a red t-shirt before i came to mumbai..

5. Oh, that was quite fast, we have already reached the fifth question and I haven't asked anything… not even about your girlfriend or about Aamir Khan. Probably we'll sit for another session; that would be a bit longer only. Ok, jaldi se can you tell us about your first crush ? How old were you then and what happened subsequently ? ;)

Oh.*looking at watch*. I have an exam tomorrow yaar.. lets keep this question for the next meeting of ours… the next round which I hope will come soon. ;)

But at the same time I just can not ignore this very important question. Tell me honestly why you opted to be interviewed ? We all need a good detailed answer with why not & why yes. Attempt all the four parts of this.
a) Was it sheer habit of getting interviewed ?
b) You had nothing to post about ?
c) You wanted to find more about yourself ?
d) You wanted to have my mail-id ? Hey, come on, spill the beans now. See, all your friends are chuckling there.

Ok.. now that is an easy one so I will answer that in the limited time that I have…
You have come up with good options I must say…option d will be the priority 1 ;-)

...followed by b. more specifically, I would say I had nothing specific to post on my blog birthday…

Note-Your interview isn't complete yet. We'll sit for another round very soon. Those who are laughing at you, send them to me to be interviewed.

I would like to extend a warm thanks to you for the 1st special interview I have had…hope u enjoyed it… I know u are mad at me not answering all questions… but some bahana should be there for our next rendezvous also.. ryt???
Thanks a lot…

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A day in life of MBA..

7:00 PM: Discussions for the Presentation next day..

9.00 PM: Working on the ".ppt's"

12.00 AM: Preparing for the Presentation and trying to time it to perfection. Takes 300 minutes to get a 30 minute presentation correct.

8.30 AM: The final look before the final thing..

9:00 AM: The final Presentation - for that day!!

12.00 PM: Glad to have finished it...

4.00 PM: Getting the much needed sleep.. (generally beds are for sleeping length wise... but after consistent night outs.. who cares!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


As I wrote earlier... these days I am living by days.. Every day is a new chapter with a new challenge..
The latest challenge is quite interesting and well.... challenging :)
Its 2.30 AM now.. and we(my whole group) have 2 back to back presentations tomorrow starting at sleep defying 8.30 AM..
If we wade through these two and expect to fulfill the sleeping needs.. well its again a day dream... because day after - early morning another 'major' presentations awaits us.. that even has a strict time limit.. so a lot of practice has to go in that!!

I had once read in a book about how things go at mckinsey...it said that people make presentations till 4.00 AM and then give presentations to clients next day... that time i had thought - is it really possible or is it exaggeration!!
Now I know!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Juicy Nights..

Late night hours bring along with it various things.
A strange floaty feeling... a slight trance... craving for something to fill your tummy
To fulfill the last need... every week end almost all of the 3rd floor goes to Big Bazaar/Food Bazaar and comes back stuffed.... A variety of things from biscuits, namkeen and the best of it - cheeslings can be found on the tables, in drawers or cupboards..
But the latest thing to catch the attention has been juices... 20 - 30 liters of juice makes it way almost every week end from the food bazaar shelves to out fridge.. many freebie schemes are going on for the past few weeks and this has resulted in increase in expenditure... so much so that it is rare to find anyone drinking water in the house... every one drinks Real, Tropicana...
OK.. its 3.15 now. and I have a class in the morning... so let me have some juice and sleep
(I need to finish this apple flavor so that my favourite - orange, which is next in line can make way to my sipper..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shut Up..

Are you still saying that Sachin should have retired by now...
Oh .. You are !!
Then SHUT UP!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dusk or Dawn??

Time: 4 A.M

Place: On my bed leaning besides the window.

It is raining heavily outside, with intermittent drops coming through the window gently falling on my face. Apart from the voice of the leaves enjoying the rain on them, there is complete silence. The effect of the hour, soothing rain and the silence is unimaginable. It’s a kind of trance where I am not sleepy, yet eyes are half closed. The titillating breeze keeps me up while the lullaby of rain tries to pulls me down. The laptop tires me down, while the cheeslings keep me awake. And then I hear the local train blowing in the far, the plane go up above me and the bells ringing in the temple below. Elsewhere, it is time for people to wake up and here on the window side, amidst the rain, it’s time to lay down. The lights go dim here while far away the orange color starts to appear.

Good Night..or should I say Good Morning!!