Friday, August 19, 2011

Anna and Cricket

The Anna Hazare movement - a revolution which has caught the imagination of the whole country. A revolution which is going to change the bloody face of the nation. Obviously I was excited to be part of the historical revolution and I duly went to the India Gate to register my protest.

It was a deja vu experience. It was exactly the same at a India-Australia cricket match at PCA Stadium which I went to see a few years ago.

1. In the match people wished that Sachin "Aage Bade" and chakka maare. Here, they goaded Anna with the same: "Aage Badho.. hum tumhare Saath hain" (of course they can not say 'hum tumhare saath hain' to Sachin. One always follows God!)

2. In both cases, people shouted at the top of their voices or displayed interesting banners with the sole purpose that the camera pans on them and they get their few seconds of fame on national television.

3. In the match, the cameras were busy finding beautiful faces in the crowd. Here, cameras focused on kids (preferably with Gandhi Topi).

4. At the stadium, people were shouting "Pakistan Haii haii" (Did not matter than Pakistan was not playing). Here Pakistan was replaced by Kapil Sibal/Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi etc.

5. In both the cases, there were people who had come drunk, which gave an extra zing to their voices.

6. In the match, there were some female Aussie supporters in the stand. One could see young boys going up to them to have a photo clicked with the 'gori mem'. It was the same case here too. Some foreigners had come to 'experience the changing India' and the Gandhi topis of some young boys were temporarily thrown away for a presentable picture with the gori who perhaps later updated on her facebook with "Participated in India's second freedom struggle".

7. The voices heard around during the match were same as at the protest - Ignorant. Some of them had for the first time noticed that bowlers change ends after each over and were thoroughly confused about why it was happening. One of them then said, "tu match dekh na..technicality mein kyu fasta hai"

Then I overheard the following at the protest march.
First guy: "Yaar vaise ye PM ko Lokpal mein laane, na laane se farak kya padega?"
Second Guy: "Tu Naare laga na... Technicality mein kyu fassta hai"

The only thing missing (thankfully) in the protest march was a customary fight (at least at PCA, Mohali) between two groups - most probably over a girl.

If you feel I am ridiculing a movement of national importance, consider an example.
If tomorrow you are returning from a party and have had a peg or two more than permitted by law for driving a vehicle. A police-wallah stops you and there is a good chance that you could be jailed for the offense.(Take any other example where you know its your fault and the punishment would be harsh).
Now would you prefer spending the night in jail or greasing some palms which can prevent it?
If your answer is the latter, kindly don't bull shit yourself by supporting this movement.
Of course you are welcome to go to the protest to have some fun and to vent out some frustration.