Monday, April 30, 2007

Scintillating Sunday

5 hours on Cricket ground and once in a life time function of Rompy’s engagement (ya.I am sure he won’t be marrying again ;)) – that can pretty much sum up the tremendous week end I had.

The cricket program was all of a sudden – as usually they are, especially with mechies. A couple of hours on the pitch on Saturday evening didn’t satisfy our souls so watching the cricket world cup final was sacrificed (not that I was in a mood to watch cricket) to wake up at 5 in the morning to get to the ground again and have another 48 over session of exhausting, body sapping series of games under the piercing morning heat. Playing after so many months felt good…. In fact Great !!

Then in the evening it was Rompyz engagement ceremony. This, unlike cricket, was not all of a sudden. It has been waited for, since many days. And it was enjoyed to the FULLest. In other words, as we say – “Total Gaaah Paaaya!!!” (which means we had total Masti and Fun. Or as Tarun once translated – We Painted the Town Red)

But still with Rompy and Akku sitting there on the sofa with everyone coming, giving gifts and making them eat mithais - it all seemed absolutely unbelievable. Means like Rompy (whom I have been friends with since we were 16) – sitting there on this life changing occasion. It was not only me. None of us friends were in a state to believe it. But well, it does not matter we believe it or not. It has happened.

As they say, there are certain moments in which you live a life time. Sunday provided plenty of such moments.

Now is the time to feel the after effects – sleepy eyes, bad backache, immovable legs and the right arm which seems as it would come off if I rotate it 1 more time.

Rompy & Akanksha - Cheers to You!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Benefits of Playing Computer Games :)

Computer Games are addictive – most of the times. I have heard people playing AOE for 48 hours non stop or completing Max Payne by spending the whole night on it or driving cars even in their sleeps. I have been a part of the community too. I used to get dreams of Half Life. Many times it has happened that you go to sleep tired of being stuck at a point e.g in Half Life. You don’t know how to move ahead and after laying in the bed for some time you suddenly realize that “Oh Shit. I could do that”. Immediately on the computer again and then continuing till the fingers hurt or mind became numb.
I am sure all of us have been scolded by parents a lot of time for playing games on computer. But playing games is useful too.

  • When you play car racing games, it improves your reaction time. Think of it, while moving at speeds of over 200 km/hr, you have to maneuver the car around the bends, walls, traffic, police cars and not to mention the cars you are racing. This improves your reaction time which helps in real driving.
  • There are many things while playing NFS which you learn about real driving. E.g you never brake while you are in a bend, turning the car. Always apply the brake just before the turn, then accelerate as you are on the turn. This and many real driving tips, you can learn while driving a virtual car and implement in real time driving also.
  • Games help you train your mind to be calm in adverse situations. E.g think of a situation. There are 20 police cars chasing you down, a helicopter on top and you are running your car around the bends or on the highway to escape. If you are not calm and not continuously thinking on the run, then you are busted. You have to be aware of the corners, bends coming your way, thus sharpening your mind and increasing concentration power. Similarly in a game like quake or half life or max payne, there will be 10 – 15 people shooting at you. You have to act quickly saving yourself and killing them. So it helps you keep your calm in tough situations.
  • While playing, you need to constantly apply your brain, break clues, find hidden things and routes to get ahead (this doesn’t apply to car race games). This too improves your IQ.
  • The thrill in a car race or a Hot Pursuit by police is unimaginable considering it is not possible in everyday life to just go and hit a police car (or for that matter any car) and then run away at 250 km/hr evading the police. Moreover, you get a feel of an array of awesome cars on which you MAY never be able to lay a hand on.

These are just a few points. I am sure many of you must be having more points – may be about the games which I have not played and not mentioned here. I have devoted most of the time playing mainly 2 games - NFS, Half Life and enjoyed Max Payne and Caeser (in that you have to create and maintain cities) a lot. Many other games have just been just time pass, so the benefits of popular games like AOE, Quake etc – I would not know.

But in general, games are not that Bad!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vendetta - Chapter 2 , 3

.....Continuing after the Chapter 1

Chapter 2

It seemed not everyone had the permission to disappear. Sumit called someone and soon a small gate in 1 corner of the building opened up.
"Which is this area? I didn't even notice while coming"
"Don't bother. Just chill and know that no one is going to come here"
After passing through some doors and passages, they came to a staircase going down. Sumit was well versed with the way around. Soon they reached a dead end. But it was a farce wall. A small turn of a seemingly non existent knob and Nirvana's heavy noise greeted them with
"Come as you are.. As you I want you to be.. as a friend.. as a friend"
The setting inside was somewhat like Amit had thought. Big Hall, Dim lights, one big corner reserved for rocking complete with guitars, drum and a piano. Music blared from the big speakers all around the big hall. There were not many people in there at this hour.
"What will you have? Any drink?"
"For now I need that bread omelet that you were making back home"
"Hahaha… we will have something to eat. Come"
Sumit lead Amit to another room where there was a small kitchen setup.
"what place is this dude"
"As I said.. Chill.. and Enjoy. Here, have some biscuits for now. I will make your bread omelet"
"Need any help?"
"Don't worry. You just eat", Sumit smiled as he busied himself.
"Who are these people here?"
"Do they live here only?"
"Some of them. Yes"
"So you have the sessions every night or on week ends?"
"Everyday is a party dude. You can come any time any day but just Come-as-you-are"
"Not many people at this time though"
"Its 12 already. They will start pouring in soon. Saturdays start early you see. "
"So what will you do?"
"Just have fun. Here is your omelet"
"Thanks. You have already started having fun", Amit said pointing to the Peg in Sumit's hands. "No Breakfast. Nothing. Straight Gum ka saathi Rum"
Sumit laughed slowly. "Ya..hey..I am sorry if I acted a bit strangely"
"Oh no problem. I understand"
"What do you think?"
"About what?"
"About these problems we continuously keep having.. you know riots and bandhs and all"
"Well I think education is the key. We should educate…."
"Bull Shit", Sumit interrupted. "What do you think? These people are not educated. They are dude. They are. But still they do it"
"May be.. But.."
"Do you know, who killed your family in the riots?", Sumit interrupted again.
"Well..No. I don't know", Amit was feeling uncomfortable. And Sumit was already on his second peg.
"Were they Hindus or Muslims?"
"I don't know. I was not there."
"It is a high chance that some Muslim mob killed your family right?"
"I don't know. How does it matter?". Amit was irritated.
"Do you hate them?"
"I don't know.. No…. I don't think Muslims could have done that. There weren't many Muslim groups killing people at that time. They were the ones being hunted", he said slowly, all the time looking down.
That uneasy feeling was growing within him. He experienced this strange feeling whenever he saw or heard something related to disturbance creating mobs, rioting mobs, killing mobs. There was a strain in the stomach and he was finding difficult to sit down or eat.
"So you are saying that.."
"Lets not talk about it"
"ok. You know about my family??"
Amit knew that the alcohol had started its work.
"Ya.. I know"
"No. You listen. Listen. Those damn bloody rioters. I am telling you fighting in the name of religion is just a farce. When a Hindu girl is marrying a Muslim boy - they have a problem. But while killing they had no problem. You know in front of my eyes.. They… Shit!!". He gulped down another peg in one shot. "Can't Hindus and Muslims be friends? Damn It. I played with Asif since I don't know when. And they killed him. Why??". "Why", he shouted.
"How can they kill people". Amit asked himself loudly. "That is out of ordinary. Killing some body is .. is.. not normal. How does anyone feel doing this?"
"That's what I would love to experience"
"Nothing… hehehehe… Guess I am drunk..Nothing. C'mon lets go. Seems like guys have started rocking"
By the evening many people had gathered there. Amit too had some drinks and surprised himself by enjoying the proceedings. Sumit was busy - first with a guitar, and then inside a smoke filled room. After some time, Amit's head started paining with the heavy music and the smoke. He decided to get some fresh air. He couldn't find Sumit so he went up alone.
As he stepped out of the hidden door, everything became suddenly quiet.
"Be Careful", someone called out from the shadows, scaring Amit.
"You know the rules. Don't get seen".
He didn't seem to know that Amit was there for the first time.
It was night time and the full moon was out. To avoid being spotted Amit went through a small nook into the backyard. There were high walls here. The place seemed to be a kind of factory. Suddenly Amit heard some voices behind him. He quickly hid behind a pillar. It was Sumit with another guy. The guy gave a packet to Sumit. He had a look at the contents, talked something in hush voices and then the guy left. Sumit came through the nook into the backyard.
"What are you doing here", Sumit said without looking at Amit.
"What is this? Some drugs. So you also… "
"You want to see?"
"Yes… if it is.."
"Then see", said Sumit taking it out of the wrapper.
"Oh Shit.. What is this?"
"Sshh.. Don't tell anyone..C'mon let's have a drink". Sumit gave a smile. Amit couldn't decipher, if it was an evil one or a naughty one.

Chapter 3

"Load up on guns and bring your friends
It's fun to lose and to pretend
She's over bored and self assured
Oh no, I know a dirty word
Hello, hello, hello, how low?
Sumit was on is guitar when Amit groggily came out of the room.
"Hi. Good Morning", Sumit said in a singing tone with a strum on his guitar.
"Good Morning"
"How are you?"
"After last night, how can I be? Moreover, you don't tell me what that is for?.. And what is this. You are watching news today. Where has the sun risen from today?"
"Watch the news dude. Just… watch the news"
"What. Same yesterday's news"
"Yes. But it has spread here too. These bloody people. They need a lesson in religion themselves"
"So you are going to give them a lesson in religion??"
"Naah... But I am going to teach them some lesson for sure"
"What does that mean now?"
"Load up the guns and bring your friends… It's fun to lose and to pretend… ", Sumit went to the kitchen singing.
"Oh Shit. What are you up to Sumit?"
"Nothing yaar. Some juice??"
"Ya.. OK..", Amit said some what confused. "See Sumit. Being revengeful is not correct. Try forgiveness. Don't carry so much hatred in you"
"Listen. I cannot be you and you cannot be me. You have not seen what I have. For you it is easy to talk of peace and forgiveness. Not me. OK"

There was an uneasy silence for some seconds.
"Here". Sumit handed over the juice.

It was 8 PM when he woke up. His head was hurting. Then he realized that he had been drugged. It must be the juice.
"Where the hell is he?"
The TV was on. They were showing some news of some people getting shot.
Amit kept on watching the news for some time. There had been a mob fury. There were the pictures which had become so common now days – burning bus, People pelting stones, police firing tear gas shells and water canon.
"What the hell?" He needed some water. Then the news moved to death of some people from the mob. The police denied that they had fired shots.
Suddenly it dawned on Amit that it could have been Sumit. He had taken the gun yesterday. He was acting strangely since yesterday. As the news continued, it told that around 10 persons had been shot mysteriously – some of them from close range. 3 of them were allegedly trying to put a bus on fire. The killer's identity was not known till now. The police suspected that he was either one of their own or dressed like the mob.

"Oh Shit", Amit thought. "Was it Sumit?"
He waited for an hour for him. But then his desperation got the better of him. He decided to go to Disappear. It was the only place he could find him.
But Amit didn't know the way properly. He had tried to remember it on the way back. But he wasn't too sure. He decided to leave anyway. To his own surprise, he had remembered the way quite well. He rushed to the small door and tapped it hard. No response.

"Please open. It's urgent. I am not carrying my mobile"
A small window opened followed by the small gate. The person was red with anger. “C’mon you know the rules. This is the first and the last time”
“What damn rules”, Amit thought.
Amit rushed in. As he opened the door hidden in the wall, a burst of sound hit him.
It was Nirvana playing on the big speakers.

"We passed upon the stairs,
We spoke of was and when
Although I wasn't there
He said I was his friend

He looked around the hall. Sumit was not there. He went into the adjacent smoke filled room and got a few smiling glances. "Bloody dopers". He thought.
Then he moved to the kitchen.

"Oh no, not me,
We never lost control,
You're face to face,
With the man who sold the world

There he was.
"I have been waiting for you", Sumit said smiling.
"It was you. Wasn't it?"
"It was 'we' dude. It was WE".
"What do you mean??"
"Well… hmm… ok.. how did you know the way to this place. You have been here only once right?"
"I remembered it last night"
"haaa.. remembered it last night. It's not that easy dude. OK leave it. You know that the killer today was wearing the same dress as the mob. Bandana and all"
"Then I don't suppose you looked into the mirror since you got up"
Amit turned to the big broken mirror on the wall.
The music outside stopped. For a few moments there was complete silence.
Then someone came from outside.
"C'mon dude. On the guitar. Let's have some Live stuff"

Soon Amit was on the guitar singing.
Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don’t just say
And nothing else matters
Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

All the three chapters also available here:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Movies of the Week - II

Again a 7 Movie week. :)

  • Taxi Driver
    A supposedly classic movie about a eccentric Taxi Driver in US who is disturbed by the developments happening around himself. He takes upon himself to clean the mess. A slow movie showing the phase which US passed through in mid 70’s. Though the subject was strong and the performances good but the flatness and slow pace is a turn off

  • The Day of the Jackal
    Based on the very popular novel by Frederick Forsyth. Having read the novel, I would suggest read the novel than watch the movie (In fact that goes for most of the film adaptations). I didn’t enjoy the movie much may be because all the suspense and the thrill was already known.

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    The week belonged to the Lord of the Rings. Saw all the three parts - The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King. The movie is a 12 hour epic – each of the three parts being 4 hours long. Everything about the films – everything, is perfect. Except the length. They were too long and I am not particularly a fan of the extra dose of fantasy things shown in the movie. Though the battle scenes were awesome – specially the final one. 'The Return of the King' was the last and the best of all the three. The movie often meanders along slowly plus the names are very difficult to remember. Mordor, Hobbits, Frodo etc etc. Though by the time you complete the 12 hour journey they get fixed in your mind. BTW The best name was that of the villain - Sauron!! Overall a nice watch. All you need is plenty if time

  • Bheja Fry
    A wonderful movie. On one hand I saw Three 4 hour English movies and on the other a 1hr 40 minutes Hindi movie. Almost all of the movie is shot in 1 room where 1 scene carries on. The comic timing of Vinay Pathak is tremendous. Totally script and performance based movie. As regards the frying of Bheja - that happens of the characters not the viewers. You will keep on laughing for whole 1.5 hours. Must watch.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness
    Based on the real story of Chris Gardner it’s a telling tale of the person in whose life everyday something goes wrong. And he moves on without blaming anyone for his troubles and fighting them. It shows that life is a pursuit – a run (Will Smith is shown running in the whole movie – may be symbolically) to achieve happiness. An inspirational true story about a man and his son.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Vendetta - Chapter 1

A Fiction I wrote....... This is the 1st of the 3 chapters.

Amit woke up with a startle. It was a bad dream. His laptop was on with Metallica saying Nothing else Matters.
For his roommate nothing really mattered.
"Trust I seek and I find in you…", Amit heard him singing with a hoarse voice imitating James Hetfield playing on the lappie.
"You bloody rocker. Atleast give my lappie some rest", Amit said loudly. "Rock Sucks".
"Every day for us, something new ..Open a mind for a different view….. Nothing else matters", sang Sumit barging through the door.
"Bull Shit your view", Amit said, getting up lazily.
"Come with me to the Disappear with me one day dude. And do some head banging. You will start loving it."
"Isn't that guitar you play day in and day out enough?", scorned Amit.
"Oh. Don't tell me you don't like that. Yesterday only you were asking to me teach you"
"OK.ok... you are good at guitar.. but still rock sucks", Amit said with a slight smile.
"You will appreciate it brother. The day I take you to Disappear.. that day you will appreciate"

"All day you talk about Disappear…what exactly is this Disappear Stuff"
"What do you think it is?"
"well… what I picture is some shady place with shady people listening to metallica and pink floyd and maaroing some booz and drugs"
"hahahahahaha…How accurate..", Sumit said jokingly.
"Don't tell me this is not what you do"

"Well… yes.. some of these things do happen.. and yes, its a shady place..but I don't go there for drugs or booze. I go there to Disappear. Disappear by the way is from the Metallica song 'I Disappear'. We get a high by playing rock there. Playing the guitar and the Drums with a kind of madness. Just immersing in that. We are in a different world.. Disappearing from the real world"

"Hmm… Sounds interesting all right. But I am a person of this world and belong here. Let me be here only"
"Your wish dude. I can.."
"C'mon yaar", Amit interrupted pointing to the TV. "Rock on TV also. What is this. Some DVD??"
"Yes", said Sumit Sheepishly
"Just remove that and put some news on"
"Oh.. you and your news", said Sumit putting on the news.
"They are repeating yesterday's news only yaar. Are you going to watch this again?"
"Do you mind!", said Amit sarcastically.
"Oh. C'mon yaar", Sumit threw up his hands.
"Same old stories repeating again and again. I am making bread omelet. Some for you??"

"Hello.. Hello.. Hello… How Low ", Sumit was Kurt Cobain now. "I'm worse at what I do best…..And for this gift I feel blessed …"

"No matter how hard you try these people wont change. Seriously sometimes I feel it is impossible to change the mindset of these people. They simply don't change", said Amit.
"What happened now?"
"This Hindu group blocked some roads and beat up some people"
"Which people?"
"Don't know. Guess some media persons also. That Hindu girl, Muslim Boy case. Bull Shit. See the police are just standing like that. What the hell. Why don't they do something?"

"No body will do anything. Only we have to do something” Sumit erupted suddenly. “These blood suckers should be shot there and then. Then only this will stop. This is the only language they understand. No police.. nothing. Police are their damn dummies". he was shaking in anger.

He took his bike keys and left banging the door behind.
"Wait. I am also coming" , Amit cried.

Amit quickly put on his floaters, picked up the keys and followed Sumit down the stairs.
Sumit was quite and in no mood to talk. As the morning air ruffled his hair, Amit's thoughts went back to the time when he had met Sumit. Both had a similar story. They both came from Gujarat. And the 2002 riots there had changed their lives permanently. Amit, working here in Mumbai was away from his family when they were killed by a mob. Were the killers Hindus, Muslims – it didn't really matter to him. The fact was that he lost everything he had. But he still believed that things would become better. Sumit, on the other hand was in the center of it. His family was very close to a neighbor Muslim family. They tried to save them from a Hindu Mob by sheltering them in their house. But the mob had been cruel. They killed both the families. Sumit managed to escape from the house scaling the back wall. But the death of his whole family in front of him had left an indelible mark on him.
It had been around an hour that they had been on road when Sumit stopped the bike in front of an old building.

"C'mon. We will have fun the whole day today"
"But where are we?"
"What do you think", asked Sumit.
"Disappear?", Amit asked hesitatingly.
"Yes..Let's Disappear"

To be Continued..................

P.S: Those who have patience and time to read it all at one go can do it here: (Different chapters come in the dropdown on the top right)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

...... the other India is the Leash.

There are 2 India’s in this country.
One India is straining at the leash ,eager to spring forth and live up to all the adjectives that the world has been showering recently upon us.
The other India is the leash.

Amitabh Bachchan said these words in his inimitable style, in the famous India Poised Campaign.
And then you see him with his family visiting every possible temple and marrying his future daughter-in-law to some trees because some Kundli says that she is ‘Manglik’.
[Being manglik is a condition, believed by some to be devastating for marriage, causing discomfort and tension in relationship, leading to separation and divorce, and in some cases to cause untimely death of one spouse.]
So isn’t the person asking everyone to break the leash being the leash himself.
A friend of mine was directly affected by this notion promoted by the Pandits. His almost finalized marriage was cancelled as he is a manglik.
What is the proof of that being manglik will result in an unsuccessful marriage? Do matching Kundlis matter so much?
These silly superstitions have been promoted for a long time by some section of the society and people like Amitabh Bachchan, by following these so called rituals are further encouraging the fallacies. People look up to someone of a stature like him. They do what their icons do. The innumerable advertisements that these superstars do, prove the fact that what they say and what they do has a significant impact on common man’s mindset. One argument that can be said in Amitabh’s favor is that it’s his personal life that we are talking here and he is free to do what he wishes. But then, it can also be said that he is a public figure who has and will continue to be in continuous public limelight. So is he required to change his beliefs for the public – well I guess he should at least follow what he promotes. Moreover, if some action by him can lead to a general public good, help remove some deep rooted myths, helps cutting the leash – then well, he should go ahead and may be rethink on his beliefs.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Movies of the Week - I

Last year, I realized that though I have seen a lot of Hindi Movies but over the years I have seriously lacked watching good English Movies.
So initially unintentionally, then later intentionally I started concentrating on good Hollywood stuff.
It was through recommendations from friends first, and then the reference changed to the IMDB Top 250 List.
When first time I looked at the list I had hardly seen 8 of the 250 movies. So I started a journey which I am still continuing.
Every week I see plenty of movies courtesy my friends Manish, Ashish and cousin Anuj.
So I thought of starting a ‘Movies of the Week’ series which will constitute the movies which I saw in the previous week. The success of the series depends on the flow of the movies I manage to get from friends.
So starting with last week movies.
P.S: In no way these are the reviews of the movies. Just a line or two about each one of them entirely from my point of view.

1. 300
The week started with 300. A movie based on a Novel by Frank Miller. This film is based on a war where 300 Spartans fight against the gargantuan Persion Army.
I could relate to our own J.P Dutta’s Border. The visuals are magnificent and it’s a story about fighting and dying in glory for your nation. I liked the movie for its brutal war scenes, grotesque killings and the visual effects.

2. Kill Bill Vol 1
Directed by Master director Quentin Tarantino in his typical chapter style which are not always in chorological order. Explicit killing scenes with blood oozing out like shower makes this movie clearly ‘different’ from others. The movie’s 10 chapters were made in one go but released with a gap of 6 months. Both volumes contain 5 chapters each. And when you finish with Volume 1, its tough to resist double clicking on “Kill Bill Volume2.avi”

3. Kill Bill Vol 2
Chapters 6 – 10. Brings the unfinished movie to a conclusion. Less of deadly fights and more of story in this part.

4. The Notebook
Has an impressive rating of 8.0 in IMDB. A typical romantic movie. Evokes a bit of suspense about the end but a person who has been fed on Hindi Cinema can easily figure out what the ending would be. Only die hard romantics should watch this movie.

5. Goal
A movie about a Boy with a dream of making it Big in the World of Football. Many Hollywood movies have been made on the same theme. We even had our own Iqbal vying for the Blue T Shirt. The USP of the movie is the guest appearances of many football stars – Beckham, Zidane, Raul, Alan Shearer, Gerrard, Lampard to name a few. Plus the football matches which have been beautifully shot.
The movie also has a sequel Goal: Living the Dream which was released this year and even Goal 3 is in the pipeline. Okay movie – one time watch.

6. Equilibrium
A sci-fi futuristic movie where 3rd World War has taken place and to prevent another war, various steps are being taken. And what is the step? Using drugs and medicines, people are being forced to remove all traces of emotion in them – emotions of love, hatred, jealousy etc etc. There is a section of people who live underground and form a resistance (something like matrix). The movie moves showing conflict between having emotions or not having them, through the eyes of the protagonist (Christian Bale). An Okay movie.

7. United 93
The true events of what happened on 11 Sept, 2001 in the plane United 93 which was allegedly planned to be crashed on the White House but in which the passengers displayed heroism in fighting the hijackers, resulting in a ultimate crash in a field in Pennsylvania. Many Real persons performed their roles in the movie. Though I had scene a similar documentary on Discovery but the movie magnificently portrayed the tension, the lack of co ordination in the FAA headquarters, Military Area, Air traffic Control Towers and of course the flight United 93. A Must watch movie.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Needless Controversies

“Infosys chief under fire for remark on national anthem”
“Narayana Murthy's Remark on Anthem Rocks Assembly"
“Murthy sorry for 'insulting' anthem”

This is the one of the ‘top story’ of the news hungry media today.
Members of Karnataka legislative assembly are calling NRN ‘Anti-National’. Well, if he is Anti - national then kindly find me a pro-national person in this proud country of ours.
People who have insulted and keep on insulting our country day in and day out, accuse some one of playing the instrumental version of national anthem and not play the words. Please someone ask them if they remember the anthem themselves. Do our nation’s leaders even know the meaning of the words of Tagore??
Next they have quoted NRN as saying that it was done for employees from other countries. The intention here, as NRN pointed out was to make everyone sing the anthem. Creating controversy out of a non-issue seems to have become the hobby of the Indian Media. If 5 lines are said, only 2 which have the ‘potential’ are published. Any media person should think twice – may be thrice to write in a derogatory way about people like NRN or for that matter Sachin Tendulkar (who was also dragged in a similar row of national flag cake).
Really, Are we short of issues of national importance that we concentrate so much on these small small things.
I also wrote in the previous blog about Vishwanathan Anand getting just 10 lines for his enormous feat. Positive news gets 10 lines – 1 day. And a negative report like NRN’s or Sachin’s which has no purpose being in the news in the first place will hog the limelight for days. Interviews will be taken, unnecessary apologies, may be a bandh in Karnataka.
NRN’s stand on other issues will be brought up – his stand on Cauvery or his comments on poor infrastructure in Bangalore. These things don’t surprise me any more. It is a normal routine. It will be followed.
I will repeat a dialogue from ‘Guru’ for NRN –
When people start throwing bricks at you, it means that you are progressing.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Summer Tag

The Tags have started flowing in after a brief hiatus..

Fleiger asks me to go down the memory lane and pluck 8 things I cherish about summers/Summer Vacations - things which are difficult to do now because of changing times and we growing up. So here they are. Hope they tickle a memory or two for you too.

  • Cricket – Summer Vacation or not, cricket formed a big chunk of life. There were 2 -3 fav places of playing. The big ground across the sector (had to play cross batted shots here), in front of gurudwara (had to play very straight here because of houses around) and the DAV School ground (had to play on the off here). So now you know why I can play all around the wicket. Hehehehe..But the present conditions of the 2 grounds are sad. In dav school ground, many ‘jhoolas’ for small kids, a walking path for old and lights etc have come up so no more cricket there. The ground across the Sector has vanished. There are huge buildings there. Currently British Library sits on top of the pitch I really liked – I hit a six off the last ball to win the match on this pitch.

  • Lassi – 2 times a day was compulsory. A pure Punjabi type lassi is one thing which is very very hard to get anywhere else. A lassi a day keeps the heat away. Undoubtedly the best drink for summers.

  • Afternoon Nap – Summer vacations, a healthy lunch followed by a steel glass full of lassi, a ceiling fan soothing you and a desert cooler cooling you – a sure shot recipe for an unmatched afternoon nap. Moreover you need it to be fresh for the evening cricket matches.

  • Cousins Visit – A regular feature of summer vacations till they permanently shifted to Chandigarh. It was 1 gala time.

  • Sleeping under the open sky – When there are AC’s in all rooms who wants to sleep in the open with all the mosquitoes and all. But at one time it was really fun. May be it didn’t use to be that hot as it is now. Talk of Global Warming having an effect on our lives.

  • Watering Plants – An activity which relaxes you no extent. After a harsh summer day, take the pipe and pour water over the parched, muddy leaves. The aroma of water on dry soil is unmatched.

  • Saying AAA…. in the cooler – I am sure many would have done this. Standing in front of the desert cooler and saying aaaaaa….into it. What came back was a funny sound of the voice being cut by the fan blades.

  • Evening Jog – This was not a part of early child hood days but came later during college time. A jog in the summer evening is awesome. No matter how much junk food, samosas, paranthas you have eaten during the day, you literally see it coming it out when, in the dwindling but still warm day, you see litres of sweat oozing out of you. A cool shower after that is even more heavenly.

There are many things like Mangoes, Birthdays, Rasna which I too wanted to write but which Fleiger has already written so in no way these 8 things are the Top 8.

Now the targeting people time. But no pointing fingers here.. Anyone interested can pick up the Tag.. It’s a lovely opportunity. Don’t miss it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Applaud him...

There was a passing mention of this news in the papers
There were no big, half page photos of him in national dailies.
Even on the NDTV site there is a smallest ever article regarding his achievement.

I was about to write another post on cricket yesterday but Fleiger’s post prompted me to pay attention to other good happening in Indian Sports.
Oh! Those of you who have still not guessed what I am talking about – it’s not your fault. As I said, the achievement of Viswanathan Anand becoming the 1st Indian to become No. 1 Chess Player in the world hardly got the attention of Indian Media which has been so busy finding out why India crashed out of WC.
If Dhoni making it to the Top 10 ODI batsman can make a headline on Sports Page, then Anand’s life long efforts, commitment, hard work to reach where no Indian has, surely deserves much more!
It’s strange. We feel so proud of achievers who have roots in India but are actually foreigners now but we forget the true Indians.
When Monty Panesar wrecks Australia, we proudly call him India’s Son. Bob Woolmer dies and we have prayers for him in Kanpur (where he was born). Bull Shit!!

For me, even if India wins all cricket matches of this year the fact that Anand became world no. 1 in chess will be a bigger news. But sadly, it will not be so for the Great Indian Media.