Monday, April 30, 2007

Scintillating Sunday

5 hours on Cricket ground and once in a life time function of Rompy’s engagement (ya.I am sure he won’t be marrying again ;)) – that can pretty much sum up the tremendous week end I had.

The cricket program was all of a sudden – as usually they are, especially with mechies. A couple of hours on the pitch on Saturday evening didn’t satisfy our souls so watching the cricket world cup final was sacrificed (not that I was in a mood to watch cricket) to wake up at 5 in the morning to get to the ground again and have another 48 over session of exhausting, body sapping series of games under the piercing morning heat. Playing after so many months felt good…. In fact Great !!

Then in the evening it was Rompyz engagement ceremony. This, unlike cricket, was not all of a sudden. It has been waited for, since many days. And it was enjoyed to the FULLest. In other words, as we say – “Total Gaaah Paaaya!!!” (which means we had total Masti and Fun. Or as Tarun once translated – We Painted the Town Red)

But still with Rompy and Akku sitting there on the sofa with everyone coming, giving gifts and making them eat mithais - it all seemed absolutely unbelievable. Means like Rompy (whom I have been friends with since we were 16) – sitting there on this life changing occasion. It was not only me. None of us friends were in a state to believe it. But well, it does not matter we believe it or not. It has happened.

As they say, there are certain moments in which you live a life time. Sunday provided plenty of such moments.

Now is the time to feel the after effects – sleepy eyes, bad backache, immovable legs and the right arm which seems as it would come off if I rotate it 1 more time.

Rompy & Akanksha - Cheers to You!!!


Cuckoo said...

Congratulations to Rompy & Akanksha !!

Now next is your turn ??

SiD said...

@cuckoo: Thanks on behalf of both of them..
My turn.. hahahaha... long long time to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bedi for posting the photo also... I missed their cermony...Thanks a lot..Neelima

Anonymous said...

Rompy to gayo... hehehe :)


Anonymous said...

What a way to blend Cricket and Social event like "Engagement Ceremony". This is one of the best combinations that can ever happen.

I guess the right arm is still intact :)

Amey said...

You been missing for some time now.

You is tagged. Check my blog for details.