Monday, April 24, 2006

What a (Sun) DAY !!!

It was a long week – last one. Saturday being working – it had become a 6 day week for us.
But Sunday turned out to be funday.
Started normally. KT left early for his match. Rest of us lazily got up at 11.00. Customary turning on television, reading newspaper etc followed.
Around 12.00, as rats crawled over the tummies of some celebrities in a reality TV show, some of the imaginary rats starting abusing us inside our tummies too. Shopping time - I got bread, cheese and eggs. As Mayur washed some utensils and Akash snored, I made some scrambled egg.
A sandwich made out of cheese and scrambled eggs was made and gulped down. Stomach’s prayers were answered.
some more of lazing around, then KT came back and it was decided to go to a movie – Hum ko dewana Kar Gaye. Bought upper stall tickets in Black to see a most worthless, crap movie full of unending songs, poor flow and unrelated situations and unnecessary scenes.

Somehow managed to pass the 3 hours – sometimes closing eyes, sometimes lying on the uncomfortable chair and at last leaving 10 minutes early.
It was 5 and the strike in stomach which had been temporarily put off was out again. Pizza Hut was the answer. Treat for 4 in Rs 300 and we marched towards Infy.
Artificial wall climbing time. Had done it 4 -5 times in past at Hyderabad but it was first time in Mysore. The height was around 20 ft more than hyd but it was much easier here. Did it in around 5 minutes.

Now it was time for another first timer – Squash. Liked it instantly. Though a very tiring game but it was fun. After several rounds of practice and losing to Akash(9-0), I fought back to beat Mayur and KT. And then gave a good fight to Akash in the last game. But by then I was too tired.
So headed to the steam bath and then a shower. Spent some time relaxing pool side deciding on where to have dinner. A lavish day had to end in a lavish way. So it was a buffet at a 5 star restaurant which came out as the result of discussions. The buffet was excellent and the desserts were super excellent. The fact that despite desperately wanting to eat Gulab Jamun, I didn’t eat them describes how the tummies were full. You have to do it when you are paying Rs 300 for a dinner. The variety included an assortment of salads, fish, mutton roganjosh, pasta, munchurian, paneer and 6 kinds of desserts. Had them all except Gulab Jamun.
It was time to retreat back to our abodes therafter ending an exhausting day with another round of TV…

Thursday, April 20, 2006


“Are you willing to come out of your insanity or not?”, Amrut asked me as I showed him a link to the fiction press and told him about the fact that you can publish your stories and poetry there.
“Why? What?”, I asked him puzzled.
“Give some time to sane things”, he said. “Some normal worldly things like talking to people, going out etc. You have been lying deeply in reading ur books, writing blogs and what all”. “Will you come out of it!”
Saying that he went back writing his DSP and I started thinking… the so called insanity starting again. I being involved in myself. What is this? Am I behaving insanely? Is this really insanity?
Ya, I have been thinking a lot about happenings in life or I should say – the non happenings in life currently. No specified work has led to reading a lot and this reading has only included 1 fiction novel. But will all that knowledge gaining help – it has not till now and the hope is the only rope with whose support I am moving forward. Is it really going forward or am I moon walking.
I am not really sure what I am writing. This piece is a fine example of writing by hands. I don’t think my mind is thinking at all.. Just fingers moving on the keyboard. Well , just read the last line again… it says,”I think my mind is not thinking”.. hahahaha….
The question about insanity still lingers on..Does this absurd blog reek of that insanity. Don’t know…
As far as I am concerned, I am perfectly sane… Comments are invited - after all others can tell better.
Amrut pushes himself away from the comp and asks me, "Coming for Spandan (annual cultural fest in Infy, Mysore)".
"No", I reply.
"Why", come the obvious query.
"I am writing a blog - about my Insanity!!!!!"

Monday, April 17, 2006


“Arrey, what is this hue and cry about Narmada Bachao Andalon”, Akash asked as we saw cameras surrounding a weak Medha Patkar on TV
“Even Amir Khan has joined the NBA now – the Indian NBA!!”, I added.
“wohi yaar. They are protesting against the SSP”., KT answered adding another abbreviation.
“SSP??”, Akash queried.
“Sardar Sarovar Project”, I guessed.
“Ya right!!”, KT confirmed with a smile. “The Sardar Sarovar Dam they have built over the Narmada river”.

“So whats the issue about?”, Akash came back to his original question.
“NCA .. ok.. the Narmada Control Authority has again approved for a further increase in the height of the Dam to 121 meters from 110 meters.”, KT answered
“Ya. 121.92 from 110.64 to be be precise”, I added precision to the statistic. “So this will lead to more water accumulation and thus drowning lot of surrounding areas and displacing people from there.”

“So why are they increasing it??”, akash was insatiable.

“3 states are being benefited from this dam – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. They get water for drinking, irrigation, most importantly Electricity”, KT patiently answered.
“Yes, Gujarat is being benefited maximum from this. The drought prone areas like Kutch fulfill their requirements from this water”, I added what I had read in the wikipedia.
“Acha!! That’s why Narendra Modi is also fasting in support of the increase”, Akash was understanding.
“Yes Dude!! But Madhya Pradesh is worst hit.. the people there are getting displaced. That is why NBA is fighting for It and medha patkar fasting for past two weeks.” KT added.

“So there are both benefits as well as drawbacks for increasing the height.”Akash thoughtfully added.
“hmm.. on one hand it is providing water to the needy people in Gujarat and on the other it is displacing so many people from their abodes”, I further added to the thought.

“that is the whole chakkar!!”, KT summed it up
“I guess they should rehabilitate the people properly and increase the dam”, I gave my point of view.
“wah wah… what an easy solution…. Problem solved”, Akash said pulling my leg.
“There are many issues in displacement. The new area is lacking many basic facilities.”, he added.
“That is what medha patkar is fasting about!!, so that all people get their dues.”
“Actually there is no proper rehabilitation plan by the government. I guess that is what the issue is. The case has gone to the Supreme Court”, KT said.

“Ya the latest news is that SC has agreed that work be carried on but it has threatened that if a proper plan is not provided by the govt, then SC will direct the work to stop”, Akash was obviously watching the news with interest.
“I guess that should satisfy both parties. It is a logical solution.”, I said with a long breath out.
“it seems like. Modi is thinking of breaking his fast. I guess medha patkar should follow suit.”, Akash was still glued to the TV.
“Ok. Enough of news. Put on MTV or channel V now. Lets watch Amir Khan with Kajol rather than Medha Patker”, I said.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Return of Quota RaJ

“Did you read the economic times link I forwarded”, KT asked as we sat for dinner.
“No. the net was too slow”, I said. “What was it about?”
“Arrey the government has announced that it is increasing the reservation quota for educational institutes”.
“Oh!”, I said, just taking the news on the surface.
“Including the IIT’s and IIM’s”, he dramatically added.
“hmm…. How much are they increasing the quota?”, I inquired, still not realizing the magnanimity of the news.
“Say around 50 % reservation for SC/ST’s”, KT said slowly.
It was when the enormity of the figure 50 was deciphered by my mind that my eyebrows were raised, eyes widened and mouth went dry.
“50% - Half seats. Even in IIT’s and IIM’s???”.
“There are high chances.”
“What do they think they are doing?”
“Increasing the vote bank”, Akash pitched in nonchalantly.
“But there has to be some limit. This is too much.”, I was still not able to digest – both the news and the food in front of me.
“Guess, they don’t like the sky rocketing salaries being offered in IIMs”.
“Neither do they like the quality stuff coming out of IIT.”, KT - the IIT D alumini added sarcastically.
“But the results will be drastic. Can you imagine?” I said, trying to get below the surface. “Who would like to continue studying in such an environment? This will result in further brain drain from the country.”
“And they think of being a developed nation in 20 years time”, Akash said with a hint of disappointment.
“array yaar, the ones who are deserving don’t need quotas. They will clear the entrance exams without it also.”, KT said. “Moreover what about those who belong to that caste but are not truly underprivileged”
“And the point is the children are enjoying the benefits of the special status of their parents. The legacy continues.” I said
“In fact, the quotas should be on the basis of the economic state rather than the caste”, Akash pitched in.
“Right. They can set up funds to help such deserving students from poor background but these Politicians are bloody playing games with the future of all students.” a frustrated KT said.

“You bet they are. Remember mandal commission. Same thing happened that time also” akash reminded us of the terrible times in early 90’s where students had self immolated themselves in protest to increase in quotas. Though we were kids then, but I do remember the curfews and the tensions at that time.

“what KT.. you are from IIT. Do something.” Akash teased KT.
“what can I do?”
“Maar daalo usse”, I joked, repeating a dialogue from RDB.
“This is not a movie”, akash remarked
“But something needs to be done yaar. This cant go on!!!”, I said slightly frustrated.
“Protests have started pouring in”, the informed KT said.
“This has the potential to be another mandal”, akash pondered.
“It sure has. But hope it doesn’t become that big.”
“I guess we need to contribute in our own ways.” I thought loudly.
“I have already started writing a blog”,KT said. “Will publish it tomorrow after some more googling”
“what purpose does this blog serve. Who will read it??”, the non-blogger akash said.
“People do read them. The blogging community is a fast growing and can be quite effective.” replied KT.
“And we have to start somewhere. Every one has to protest in ways what he thinks the best. So why not Internet??” I backed up.

It was a period of silence after that. KT contemplating what to write in his blog. Akash thinking, whether to start a blog while I thought about the thoughts that erupt in these polticians minds. Do they have nothing apart from their votes in their minds? Do they have the sense of responsibility needed for their jobs?
And in what ways can we express ourselves. After all by being quiet we are equally responsible for all the actions of our chosen leaders. If we cant get into politics then atleast it is our fundamental duty to support or criticize the decisions. The decisions which may appear innocent and harmless to us now but can have a far reaching affect.


Saw one of the finest movie ever last night - The Shawshank Redemption.
The movie teaches you some good lessons – the most important of all is about Hope. As the Tagline says: Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free

A prisoner condemned for a crime he has not done is locked up for 40 years – but it’s only the body which has been locked in. His soul is free. And has a hope that he will get out and be free one day. He makes a plan – works towards it, keeps himself busy with some project or other, earns respect of his peers and Never Loses Hope – against all kinds of odds against him.
Guess I can compare life of Andy (Tim Robbins) with mine…. Just need to keep the hope alive… and keep going…
As he says: “Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And a good thing never dies.”