Monday, April 17, 2006


“Arrey, what is this hue and cry about Narmada Bachao Andalon”, Akash asked as we saw cameras surrounding a weak Medha Patkar on TV
“Even Amir Khan has joined the NBA now – the Indian NBA!!”, I added.
“wohi yaar. They are protesting against the SSP”., KT answered adding another abbreviation.
“SSP??”, Akash queried.
“Sardar Sarovar Project”, I guessed.
“Ya right!!”, KT confirmed with a smile. “The Sardar Sarovar Dam they have built over the Narmada river”.

“So whats the issue about?”, Akash came back to his original question.
“NCA .. ok.. the Narmada Control Authority has again approved for a further increase in the height of the Dam to 121 meters from 110 meters.”, KT answered
“Ya. 121.92 from 110.64 to be be precise”, I added precision to the statistic. “So this will lead to more water accumulation and thus drowning lot of surrounding areas and displacing people from there.”

“So why are they increasing it??”, akash was insatiable.

“3 states are being benefited from this dam – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. They get water for drinking, irrigation, most importantly Electricity”, KT patiently answered.
“Yes, Gujarat is being benefited maximum from this. The drought prone areas like Kutch fulfill their requirements from this water”, I added what I had read in the wikipedia.
“Acha!! That’s why Narendra Modi is also fasting in support of the increase”, Akash was understanding.
“Yes Dude!! But Madhya Pradesh is worst hit.. the people there are getting displaced. That is why NBA is fighting for It and medha patkar fasting for past two weeks.” KT added.

“So there are both benefits as well as drawbacks for increasing the height.”Akash thoughtfully added.
“hmm.. on one hand it is providing water to the needy people in Gujarat and on the other it is displacing so many people from their abodes”, I further added to the thought.

“that is the whole chakkar!!”, KT summed it up
“I guess they should rehabilitate the people properly and increase the dam”, I gave my point of view.
“wah wah… what an easy solution…. Problem solved”, Akash said pulling my leg.
“There are many issues in displacement. The new area is lacking many basic facilities.”, he added.
“That is what medha patkar is fasting about!!, so that all people get their dues.”
“Actually there is no proper rehabilitation plan by the government. I guess that is what the issue is. The case has gone to the Supreme Court”, KT said.

“Ya the latest news is that SC has agreed that work be carried on but it has threatened that if a proper plan is not provided by the govt, then SC will direct the work to stop”, Akash was obviously watching the news with interest.
“I guess that should satisfy both parties. It is a logical solution.”, I said with a long breath out.
“it seems like. Modi is thinking of breaking his fast. I guess medha patkar should follow suit.”, Akash was still glued to the TV.
“Ok. Enough of news. Put on MTV or channel V now. Lets watch Amir Khan with Kajol rather than Medha Patker”, I said.


Amrut said...

Good going man.. Nice style... Liked the way the stats have been put...

Yukthesh said...

Pefect example of preciseness of a discussion. Nice way to end