Thursday, April 20, 2006


“Are you willing to come out of your insanity or not?”, Amrut asked me as I showed him a link to the fiction press and told him about the fact that you can publish your stories and poetry there.
“Why? What?”, I asked him puzzled.
“Give some time to sane things”, he said. “Some normal worldly things like talking to people, going out etc. You have been lying deeply in reading ur books, writing blogs and what all”. “Will you come out of it!”
Saying that he went back writing his DSP and I started thinking… the so called insanity starting again. I being involved in myself. What is this? Am I behaving insanely? Is this really insanity?
Ya, I have been thinking a lot about happenings in life or I should say – the non happenings in life currently. No specified work has led to reading a lot and this reading has only included 1 fiction novel. But will all that knowledge gaining help – it has not till now and the hope is the only rope with whose support I am moving forward. Is it really going forward or am I moon walking.
I am not really sure what I am writing. This piece is a fine example of writing by hands. I don’t think my mind is thinking at all.. Just fingers moving on the keyboard. Well , just read the last line again… it says,”I think my mind is not thinking”.. hahahaha….
The question about insanity still lingers on..Does this absurd blog reek of that insanity. Don’t know…
As far as I am concerned, I am perfectly sane… Comments are invited - after all others can tell better.
Amrut pushes himself away from the comp and asks me, "Coming for Spandan (annual cultural fest in Infy, Mysore)".
"No", I reply.
"Why", come the obvious query.
"I am writing a blog - about my Insanity!!!!!"


Amrut said...

As far as I am concerned, I am perfectly sane... It is just your own perception son... Ask anyone and he will tell you that you are on the threshold of insanity... If you enjoy the trance of insanity all the best.. or slow down... slow down... :):):)

KT said...

well I can feel what you are writing. Well I had heard that an idle mind is the devil's workshop, it feels now that there is no workshop, it simply doesn't work at all!!!

anyways something that I can relate with. !!!

Anonymous said...

:)...its an individual's perception...insanity is relative..for the insane...the world might be "insane"....for the world the insane is "insane".

anu said...

hi sidharth,
i was just searching some thing on net and came across this..
well,i am couldnt help writing this the same guy i knew at school...u never use to open ur mouth and man!!now u write all this....awesome!!does the credit go to Infy?

well, one thing still remains the same, that is the way you look...that is why i was able to recognize you..
anyways hope life gng great for you..
take care

SiD said...

hi anu,
long time!! where r u these dayzzz?? guess you must be a full fledged doctor by now!
tried ur blog but i guess you havent posted anything... so though a bit absurd have to post a mesage for you in my blog only!!
and btw how do you know that i still open my mouth or not ;)
chalo be in tuch..

anu said...

hi sid,
i am glad that u recognised me.. and yah kinda surprised too, that u actually replied to it...
i am sorry..i dont knw much abt these bolgs and all..i wanted to leave a message for u, so just created a kind of id, but havent posted anything..i am still not so 'tech-savvy'..
and i am not a doctor...i went in for my bachelors in pharmacy and then came down here, to washington state univ, to pursue my matsers i am in seattle as of now...
so how are u finding mysore..isnt it beautiful??? i use to go there once in every six months while i was in b'lore..
and you can mail me on tht u dont have to feel absurd abt posting it agn on ur blog :)

well...its all these blogs which gave me an idea that you may be no longer are an introvert..or may be i am wrong..and you write blogs cos u dont wanna sepak to ppl face2 face..i am confused...:( kindly help me pick up the right guess ;)

hey are u still in touch with gaurav?? and howz everyone at ur home..ur sis, i guess her name was bharti...i am not sure though..

my god!! there are so many things i want to ask u..let me hold that i dont pester u with all at one go..

hope to hear from u soon..
n its cool to be in touch with u..
take care