Friday, February 04, 2011

Playing with the mind

I have been a regular visitor to KFC for sometime. Recently, I discovered that if you order a Chicken Zinger Meal (which I do 99% of the time), they ask you, "Sir, would have Medium or Large Cold Drink".(Zinger meal is a combo of a burger, 1 chicken piece and a cold drink).
A health conscious person that I am, I always used to say 'medium' - choosing the lesser of the two evils.

Actually, the normal size of the cold drink which comes along with the zinger meal is 'small'. When you are posed with the choice of medium or large, you simply chose one of them. One thinks that it is covered in the price of the meal so 'what the hell'. But the actual thing i.e. small never occurs in the choice list. So is it unfair or a good sales maneuver?
After all, ideally they have displayed the details of the meal and the customer ought to know that they will be paying more if they chose medium or large option of the cold drink.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Every morning a Pandit ji comes to our office and does a little Pooja. And it is very interesting to listen to it. Some day there are yawns while he is reciting his mantras. Another day, his mobile phone rang. And the days when he is disinterested he rushes through the mantras eating some words, mincing others and of course yawning through the remaining. In all probability he is not even thinking about any of the God that he is naming.
Hence, I fail to understand the purpose of it all.
I don't think any Gods, if at all they exist, are getting appeased by this half hearted, emotionless, soulless rant every morning. It is said that prayer often has a calming effect on those saying it and also on ones listening. In this case, seeing the hurry the Pandit is in, it definitely does not calm him and for the listeners, everyone wants it to be done before the office starts! In the end it is nothing more than a superstitious ritual and a mere job for the Pandit.