Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Tryst with Entrepreneurship

It was literally a Big event - more than 50 teams across the country displaying their entrepreneurial skills in a Business Plan competition. Yes, The NMIMS Bulls were there too. There was a ultra-strong Financial Planning (courtesy the CFO - Ankit), a wide and ‘real’ information of the operating costs prevalent in the market by the COO (Rahul), a decent marketing plan (CMO – me!!) and constant motivational doses and guides by our CEO and HR head..(Sreejith). The prize was Big – cash prize and a chance to be funded by the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) to actually start the business.
The first stage was cleared and top 16 teams were invited to present their B Plan at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. Of course, we were there otherwise I wouldn’t have been writing this piece. Our CEO presented the plan in front of Financiers from Dena Bank, Member of NIF and Faculty of SP Jain.
And not surprisingly we were there on the podium. We stood second and our team was selected for incubation of the project. Though incubating the project is complex and requires much more effort from our side..Hope we live up to it..
Indian Express covered the event -

Ankit, Me, Rahul and Sreejith

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Matrix...

As I sit in the tube with wings, a plug is inserted into the back of my head. The process of leaving the real world has started. When the door opens after 2 hours, I am in the Matrix. Here, everything has been programmed to have fun. In our coded language we call it “The Gaahsss”

Time flies. Everything’s a blur with thousands of moments sticking in between as snapshots on the memory. An old familiar sight of Rompy coming out of bathroom in a towel…Then a totally unfamiliar sight of his transformation into a bridegroom …… a Sehra around him.. …climbing on the ‘Ghodi’.....ribbon cutting…. Acting in time to prevent hiding of shoes by the bride side….The ferraasss…

These snapshots also includes many firsts. First time getting really involved with a marriage ceremony. First time dancing in front of a horse….. a “milni” with bride’s brother (that is an honor)…. being privy to a bridegroom’s mind….

For 3 consecutive days, time to return back home is 3 AM, 4 AM, 6 AM – an indicative of The Gaah.. Throw in the Dilli… err... Chandigarh ki Sardi, A Big Black SUV, old friends and there are 3 AM high speed excursions, 4 AM gupp shupp in 5 star hotel’s round-the-clock eateries or simply browsing the city roads.

Programs are not without flaws. The Matrix has a bug too.. The program called Sun has been inconsistent. ‘The creator’ fixes the bug for a day and it’s time to sit in the sunshine under a quilt, with novel in one hand and hot coffee in other. Bhupendra is singing “jaadon ki narm dhoop aur.. aaangan mein let kar……….dil dhooondta hai fer vohi fursat ke raat din”

Now It’s time to unplug – to come to the real world.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Had the opportunity of being interviewed by for their blog

It was quite opposite to a previous interview experience I had. This time it was oral, short (and sweet!!) and more about the travel portal...

More on it here: