Monday, April 10, 2006

Return of Quota RaJ

“Did you read the economic times link I forwarded”, KT asked as we sat for dinner.
“No. the net was too slow”, I said. “What was it about?”
“Arrey the government has announced that it is increasing the reservation quota for educational institutes”.
“Oh!”, I said, just taking the news on the surface.
“Including the IIT’s and IIM’s”, he dramatically added.
“hmm…. How much are they increasing the quota?”, I inquired, still not realizing the magnanimity of the news.
“Say around 50 % reservation for SC/ST’s”, KT said slowly.
It was when the enormity of the figure 50 was deciphered by my mind that my eyebrows were raised, eyes widened and mouth went dry.
“50% - Half seats. Even in IIT’s and IIM’s???”.
“There are high chances.”
“What do they think they are doing?”
“Increasing the vote bank”, Akash pitched in nonchalantly.
“But there has to be some limit. This is too much.”, I was still not able to digest – both the news and the food in front of me.
“Guess, they don’t like the sky rocketing salaries being offered in IIMs”.
“Neither do they like the quality stuff coming out of IIT.”, KT - the IIT D alumini added sarcastically.
“But the results will be drastic. Can you imagine?” I said, trying to get below the surface. “Who would like to continue studying in such an environment? This will result in further brain drain from the country.”
“And they think of being a developed nation in 20 years time”, Akash said with a hint of disappointment.
“array yaar, the ones who are deserving don’t need quotas. They will clear the entrance exams without it also.”, KT said. “Moreover what about those who belong to that caste but are not truly underprivileged”
“And the point is the children are enjoying the benefits of the special status of their parents. The legacy continues.” I said
“In fact, the quotas should be on the basis of the economic state rather than the caste”, Akash pitched in.
“Right. They can set up funds to help such deserving students from poor background but these Politicians are bloody playing games with the future of all students.” a frustrated KT said.

“You bet they are. Remember mandal commission. Same thing happened that time also” akash reminded us of the terrible times in early 90’s where students had self immolated themselves in protest to increase in quotas. Though we were kids then, but I do remember the curfews and the tensions at that time.

“what KT.. you are from IIT. Do something.” Akash teased KT.
“what can I do?”
“Maar daalo usse”, I joked, repeating a dialogue from RDB.
“This is not a movie”, akash remarked
“But something needs to be done yaar. This cant go on!!!”, I said slightly frustrated.
“Protests have started pouring in”, the informed KT said.
“This has the potential to be another mandal”, akash pondered.
“It sure has. But hope it doesn’t become that big.”
“I guess we need to contribute in our own ways.” I thought loudly.
“I have already started writing a blog”,KT said. “Will publish it tomorrow after some more googling”
“what purpose does this blog serve. Who will read it??”, the non-blogger akash said.
“People do read them. The blogging community is a fast growing and can be quite effective.” replied KT.
“And we have to start somewhere. Every one has to protest in ways what he thinks the best. So why not Internet??” I backed up.

It was a period of silence after that. KT contemplating what to write in his blog. Akash thinking, whether to start a blog while I thought about the thoughts that erupt in these polticians minds. Do they have nothing apart from their votes in their minds? Do they have the sense of responsibility needed for their jobs?
And in what ways can we express ourselves. After all by being quiet we are equally responsible for all the actions of our chosen leaders. If we cant get into politics then atleast it is our fundamental duty to support or criticize the decisions. The decisions which may appear innocent and harmless to us now but can have a far reaching affect.


Amrut said...

Mar Daloo unne!!!!!!(changed usse to unne... There are so many of them!!!!)

bharath mukkati said...

very well written. I liked it! dude start some revolution ... start something to prevent this move...

SiD said...

@rompy: VEry thought provoking thoughts...
I guess u shud write a blog on this too....