Sunday, April 22, 2007

Movies of the Week - II

Again a 7 Movie week. :)

  • Taxi Driver
    A supposedly classic movie about a eccentric Taxi Driver in US who is disturbed by the developments happening around himself. He takes upon himself to clean the mess. A slow movie showing the phase which US passed through in mid 70’s. Though the subject was strong and the performances good but the flatness and slow pace is a turn off

  • The Day of the Jackal
    Based on the very popular novel by Frederick Forsyth. Having read the novel, I would suggest read the novel than watch the movie (In fact that goes for most of the film adaptations). I didn’t enjoy the movie much may be because all the suspense and the thrill was already known.

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    The week belonged to the Lord of the Rings. Saw all the three parts - The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King. The movie is a 12 hour epic – each of the three parts being 4 hours long. Everything about the films – everything, is perfect. Except the length. They were too long and I am not particularly a fan of the extra dose of fantasy things shown in the movie. Though the battle scenes were awesome – specially the final one. 'The Return of the King' was the last and the best of all the three. The movie often meanders along slowly plus the names are very difficult to remember. Mordor, Hobbits, Frodo etc etc. Though by the time you complete the 12 hour journey they get fixed in your mind. BTW The best name was that of the villain - Sauron!! Overall a nice watch. All you need is plenty if time

  • Bheja Fry
    A wonderful movie. On one hand I saw Three 4 hour English movies and on the other a 1hr 40 minutes Hindi movie. Almost all of the movie is shot in 1 room where 1 scene carries on. The comic timing of Vinay Pathak is tremendous. Totally script and performance based movie. As regards the frying of Bheja - that happens of the characters not the viewers. You will keep on laughing for whole 1.5 hours. Must watch.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness
    Based on the real story of Chris Gardner it’s a telling tale of the person in whose life everyday something goes wrong. And he moves on without blaming anyone for his troubles and fighting them. It shows that life is a pursuit – a run (Will Smith is shown running in the whole movie – may be symbolically) to achieve happiness. An inspirational true story about a man and his son.


Cuckoo said...


I think I should start giving a miss to your these weekly posts. :(((

Amrut said...

Pursuit of Happyness is an awesome movie dude... I watched it too...
I cried... I dont know why, but I cried... After RDB it is the next movie seeing which I cried...