Friday, April 20, 2007

Vendetta - Chapter 1

A Fiction I wrote....... This is the 1st of the 3 chapters.

Amit woke up with a startle. It was a bad dream. His laptop was on with Metallica saying Nothing else Matters.
For his roommate nothing really mattered.
"Trust I seek and I find in you…", Amit heard him singing with a hoarse voice imitating James Hetfield playing on the lappie.
"You bloody rocker. Atleast give my lappie some rest", Amit said loudly. "Rock Sucks".
"Every day for us, something new ..Open a mind for a different view….. Nothing else matters", sang Sumit barging through the door.
"Bull Shit your view", Amit said, getting up lazily.
"Come with me to the Disappear with me one day dude. And do some head banging. You will start loving it."
"Isn't that guitar you play day in and day out enough?", scorned Amit.
"Oh. Don't tell me you don't like that. Yesterday only you were asking to me teach you"
"OK.ok... you are good at guitar.. but still rock sucks", Amit said with a slight smile.
"You will appreciate it brother. The day I take you to Disappear.. that day you will appreciate"

"All day you talk about Disappear…what exactly is this Disappear Stuff"
"What do you think it is?"
"well… what I picture is some shady place with shady people listening to metallica and pink floyd and maaroing some booz and drugs"
"hahahahahaha…How accurate..", Sumit said jokingly.
"Don't tell me this is not what you do"

"Well… yes.. some of these things do happen.. and yes, its a shady place..but I don't go there for drugs or booze. I go there to Disappear. Disappear by the way is from the Metallica song 'I Disappear'. We get a high by playing rock there. Playing the guitar and the Drums with a kind of madness. Just immersing in that. We are in a different world.. Disappearing from the real world"

"Hmm… Sounds interesting all right. But I am a person of this world and belong here. Let me be here only"
"Your wish dude. I can.."
"C'mon yaar", Amit interrupted pointing to the TV. "Rock on TV also. What is this. Some DVD??"
"Yes", said Sumit Sheepishly
"Just remove that and put some news on"
"Oh.. you and your news", said Sumit putting on the news.
"They are repeating yesterday's news only yaar. Are you going to watch this again?"
"Do you mind!", said Amit sarcastically.
"Oh. C'mon yaar", Sumit threw up his hands.
"Same old stories repeating again and again. I am making bread omelet. Some for you??"

"Hello.. Hello.. Hello… How Low ", Sumit was Kurt Cobain now. "I'm worse at what I do best…..And for this gift I feel blessed …"

"No matter how hard you try these people wont change. Seriously sometimes I feel it is impossible to change the mindset of these people. They simply don't change", said Amit.
"What happened now?"
"This Hindu group blocked some roads and beat up some people"
"Which people?"
"Don't know. Guess some media persons also. That Hindu girl, Muslim Boy case. Bull Shit. See the police are just standing like that. What the hell. Why don't they do something?"

"No body will do anything. Only we have to do something” Sumit erupted suddenly. “These blood suckers should be shot there and then. Then only this will stop. This is the only language they understand. No police.. nothing. Police are their damn dummies". he was shaking in anger.

He took his bike keys and left banging the door behind.
"Wait. I am also coming" , Amit cried.

Amit quickly put on his floaters, picked up the keys and followed Sumit down the stairs.
Sumit was quite and in no mood to talk. As the morning air ruffled his hair, Amit's thoughts went back to the time when he had met Sumit. Both had a similar story. They both came from Gujarat. And the 2002 riots there had changed their lives permanently. Amit, working here in Mumbai was away from his family when they were killed by a mob. Were the killers Hindus, Muslims – it didn't really matter to him. The fact was that he lost everything he had. But he still believed that things would become better. Sumit, on the other hand was in the center of it. His family was very close to a neighbor Muslim family. They tried to save them from a Hindu Mob by sheltering them in their house. But the mob had been cruel. They killed both the families. Sumit managed to escape from the house scaling the back wall. But the death of his whole family in front of him had left an indelible mark on him.
It had been around an hour that they had been on road when Sumit stopped the bike in front of an old building.

"C'mon. We will have fun the whole day today"
"But where are we?"
"What do you think", asked Sumit.
"Disappear?", Amit asked hesitatingly.
"Yes..Let's Disappear"

To be Continued..................

P.S: Those who have patience and time to read it all at one go can do it here: (Different chapters come in the dropdown on the top right)


Amrut said...

Dude... Post the whole thing!!!
Veryy fast paced... Too good... Creates that suspense man...
Post the whole thing...

Unknown said... ka kya kiya hai...
theek se dalo...ab tum IT se nikal rahe to iska ye matlab nahi ki code likhne ki tameez bhool jao ;)

SiD said...

@amrut: Thanks. Well.. will post it in some days gap.. may be that will also create some suspense ;)

@rompy: theek kar diya bhai.. galti se mistake ho gayi!! ;)