Monday, September 19, 2005

Following Dreams??

Someone asked me – “Are U living your dream?” “Why, Yes”, I answered. "I work in one of the best companies, plush office, earning a modest salary if not much."
“Is this what u dreamt of?”, he asks. “Are You happy with the way u live, with the work u do. Do u go home a satisfied person. Do you want to do this for rest of your life. Does your work creates interest in you. Does your heart approve of you coming everyday and doing it?” he further explores.
These invoking statements make me travel deep under – somewhere to the depths of my heart and force my mind to churn and think about my life.
Traveling through these depths I realize that I am nowhere near to the dreams I had during my childhood or as a teenager. And may be the failure to realize my dreams at those stages lead me not to dream during adulthood. I just followed the herd, like many of us, doing what others do, in an attempt to reduce the force acting on me due to the pressure called peer pressure.
And what am I doing now – desperately trying hard to fight off the same force being exerted on me. I guess its high time some dreams are formed and a path, on which these dreams can be realized, starts taking shape. After All as the Alchemist says: “Its all about following your dreams!!”


bharath mukkati said...

Try to follow your dream man. Its not very hard you only need will and desire to do it. I am sure if you want to be a writer you will be one someday, so follow your dreams.

Cuckoo said...

Oh yeah,
Writer?? Anyday. Rather you've become one. :)