Friday, October 07, 2005

Special Mechies!!!

They say the time spent in college is the best one in your whole life. For me, they indeed were. Being a part of mechanical gang was an added advantage. Your best friends for life are made in college. I was no different. If I divulge deeper I am able to differentiate these friends into 3 groups, though the line dividing these groups is hazy. It is somewhat like a rainbow where you can differentiate the colors but the point where these colours change is difficult to identify. The groups I have made are mainly according to the nature and history of our friendships. How these were formed and in what ways these blossomed.
The first group is the friends forever group – without whom my existence would be worthless. I would have to start a separate blog if I want to write about them.
The second one would be one comprising Kunnu, Chunnu, Thakur and Singal. I would be soon be writing about them.
The 3rd group is also a mechie one, which came close at the time of placements. Here I would like to introduce this group of friends. Most of us came really close during the last year of the college.
One year can be so long and so short. Long in terms that we got to know so much about each other during this period and short because this time was so less to have fun, more dinners at Sher-e- Punjab or play cricket or to catch a movie at FR or to have night outs or just sit at Lake and listen to the PJ’s of the two members of the group.

Now Meet the gang:-

1. Vinod Trehan ( a.k.a TRAINNN)
I start with this guy whom I am really fond of. There will never be a dull moment when he is around. The most extrovert person I have ever seen, he is ready to help others, take responsibilities( like taking printouts/Photostats for t eh whole class) and is very confident. A true friend indeed. His outgoing nature can be really infectious. An ardent fan of both soccer and cricket, he himself is an active participant in both games. In fact he was our own “PEC Express”. Having shattered many stumps, seeing Trainn charging down his long run up sent chills down many a spines.( But Train, I cannot forget a six I hit you – I must say it was a great challenge to play you). His PPJ’s( poorest of poor Jokes) must be still reverberating in Mechanical deptt. Honestly, whenever I hear a PJ, two faces come to my mind – One is ofcourse Trainn’s and the second of the person described below – Mr. Gosain.

2. Avnish Gosain ( a.k.a Goss/Paanchu)
Another Master of PJ’s, this guy has a smile on his face- always. Unfortunately for him, sometimes his serious talk is also considered a joke only. But wait! Serious?? – Gosss… when was that ??? Anyone kindly fire my memory.!!! I have realized why he is so thin – there is no blood in his veins. It is all humour. He can make you laugh no matter what the situation is. His style of telling incidents is tremendous – specially the one where MLG tells why Infosys took in bulk from PEC and didn’t go to Thapar. An early sleeper, I don’t think he has survived any Night outs. Was still perfecting speaking Punjabi even before going to Japan!!

3. Tanuj Gupta (a.k.a Tanny Boy)
The rocker, The headbanger, the cool dude of Mechanical. I got inspired for writing this because of him only. I’ll tell you how. I was listening to Nirvana when I wondered when did I start listening to rock. Tanny Boy came to my mind immediately and that is when I decided to pen this write up. It was the first time in his car that we came face to face with Nirvana, Megadeth etc. and gradually I had added one more genre of music to my playlist. Many CD’s were written on his Comp and I owe his scanner most of the soft copy collection of my photographs. A very simple person with an innocent face but with a violently ROCKing Heart, he has some cool collection of T shirts- ofcourse with rock all over it. 1 thing I really envy – His wonderful camera which weighs a ton and whose full functionalities even he is unaware of!!

4. Gaurav Sharma (a.k.a Makhan)
The first word that comes to your mind when you think of this guy is “Jugad”. He will have a answer for everything you put to him, A workaround for every situation. An avid palm reader, he always studies the fortune lines only on Mondays – For us Boys that is. For Girls it is 24 x 7. . Being the Placement Secy, he had a hand in getting jobs for many of us. Handsome, Smart and popular among the opposite sex, most part of the first three years in college passed in company of Electrical gals. But we all had quite some fun in all the numerous parties and Night outs during the final year. Cheerful and vibrant, we formed quite a team while doing a course for Oracle. I would never forget those days. There were 2 more members to that team - Tanny and Mr. Tarundeep Singh

5. Tarundeep Singh (a.k.a Sardar)
Well, first we were together in M4 practicals (sub grp of mechanical), then we got placed in same company, then we became flat mates in Hyderabad and then room mates in Mysore..So it has been a long journey for us with the intensity and depth of friendship ever increasing. We shared quite many similar interests and one thing that will come to anyone’s mind who has stayed with him is his long turban. He used to be the first to get up in the morning and last to be ready to go to office. A jolly young fellow with a smile on his face always during the college days, he became a mind of tense thoughts later. I really hope that after earning 40K’s p.m he has his smile back on his face now.

All in all mechanical was a big united Gang but these people had a special effect on my life!!!!!

One Expression that will always Bind Us: AINNNNNNNNNNN.................................


TyphoonTanny said...

Oye Hoye...Yeh pad kar to meri AANKHEN HI BHAR AAYEEEE....Ainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

SiD said...

heheheh :)

Bonsai said...

was just googling for my name when I found this blog.. one of ur all time best Bedi. all those memories came back to me..!!!