Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Being Philosphical!!!

As I lift off the ground, I can see everything go smaller and smaller. I am above them, much above them. The moving cars seem to be reeling under me. I am not the crowd any more. I am over and above it. I try not to look inside the plane – it is more crowded there. Then I see a car and try to follow it. Who is the person sitting in that car? What is his life like? What is he thinking right now? Where is he going? Is he watching my aero plane rise above the ground into the vast unending spread of sky? And if he is, then what is he thinking of it? Is he envy of me because I am here and he is there or he is happy the way he is? There is a swarm of people who I can see but cannot really see down below. Are they all happy the way they are or are they all rushing around trying to achieve something which they cannot get?
I can see the sun set at a distance. It looks so beautiful – the sky is black up to a threshold, then the blue takes over. Somewhere orange mixes with it and as you move towards the sun, it becomes red. I am face to face with it and totally lost in the magnificent spectacle in front of me. Quickly the black threshold increases and suddenly the sun is nowhere but far somewhere a light orange hue still lingers on, refusing to die. No matter how much the darkness tries to push it into oblivion, it refuses to budge. This is the essence of life, I think.
I am over my destination now. It’s one huge bright spot amidst all the darkness around. We all have some bright spots even if it seems dark all around. Identifying and relishing the bright spot is important. I look down. Again I see small cars moving around in the brightly lit roads.
Soon I will be among the crowd, with a unknown identity - moving towards some unknown destination.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff. keep it up.