Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sachin vs Dravid

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Rahul Sharath Dravid – The 2 legends of Cricket that India has produced.
Of lately, there has been words going around debating who among the two is the bette batsman. A third name is also usually added – that of Sunil Gavasker. He, no doubt was a great batsman but I would limit my views on the comparison of Sachin and Dravid as I have never seen Gavasker’s legendary batting except for some rare clips or match highlights.
So for me it is debating the greatness of Sachin – 14146 runs at an avg of 44.20 (ODI -353 innings ), 10469 runs at 55.39 (tests – 211 innings) and the Determination of Rahul – 9528 runs at 40.20 (ODI -271 innings) , 9049 runs at 58.75 (Tests – 176 innings).
Starting with stats.
In ODI’s Sachin has played around 70 matches more than Dravid. And scored around 5000 runs more. So if Dravid plays 70 more matches at his current avg of 40 – he would have 2800 runs more. Still around 2000 less than that of the master. Sachin wins that one.
Coming to Tests. Sachin has around 1000 runs more and he has played 35 innings more. If Dravid is brought to 211 innings at his enormous average of 58, he will have 1000 runs more than Sachin. So Dravid wins that.
The mumbaiker has an ODI avg of 44 and Test avg of 55 whereas the wall scores at 40 and 58 runs/match in ODI’s and Tests respectively. Hardly anything to choose the better of two.
So statistically we see that both are almost equivalent. The healthy averages and the enormous number of runs scored tells us that they are very good batsmen in both forms of cricket.
Now where is the difference now?
I think when Sachin scored the bulk of his runs, it was under a large pressure. He was considered the only one in the team and everyone used to rally around him most of the times. Usually, people used to switch off their TV’s when Sachin got out. So making that kind of contribution in the most entertaining manner that he has, in such pressure – that makes Tendulkar stand apart from any group of cricketers.
Rahul has had a good team around him but he is also no alien to pressure cooker situations. Coming one down in tests, he has been responsible for saving many a matches for India. Literally sticking to the pitch and grueling hard, frustrating the opposition with his unwavering concentration has been the style of Rahul Dravid.
Sachin, on the other hand, as we know is the Destroyer (Strike rate – 85.98). Ripping apart oppositions, marching down the wicket and hoisting bowlers over boundaries – he has been the entertainer – the crowd puller. He has that aura around him which pulls people to the stadiums- just to watch him play that cover drive on the up or the straight drive along the carpet or the pull shot that land outside the stadium.
Rahul (strike rate – 70.60) is honest to the cricket Batting Rule Book. If the definition of a cover drives says your foot should be 5 inches from where the ball pitches, then his foot will be exactly there – 5 inches from the ball. That kind of feat is really hard to achieve.
One result of these contrasting styles is that certain Tendulkar’s shots are etched in the mind permanently. E.g the pull off Andy Caddick, the jumping and hitting Shane Warne in the match at Sharjah, cutting Shoib Akhtar, in the air into the stands in last WC,
I guess I can go on and on.
But Rahul – there is no unique shot that comes to mind. All his shots are copy of each other. The drive would be same each time. As would be the pull, the cut etc.
Yes, you can say that it is more important to win matches than entertain crowds. But at the end what for we are playing cricket. For the crowd of course. Haven’t you seen matches where there has been no crowd. What does it look like. Though the players are trying hard but without the multicolored background in its place, it seems like they are just following a routine.

If I have to Pick a Dream Team – which one would I Pick?
I HAVE to pick both – one the flamboyant opener, the other a steady one Down.
If Sachin sticks, we are more or less sure to win the match. If we are in trouble, The Wall is there.
It is so hard to compare these two. The point is that each is a master in his own sense.

If you ask me, if I have a choice to become out of these two – whom wud I want to become?
My Answer would be Rahul Dravid.
He is the hardest batsman to get out. He has super patience, super cnocentartion, superb team player. He is Handsome too.
But the single most reason that stands out.
That is simply because I CAN’t become Sachin.
Why ?
Because Sachin is GOD!!!


Sandeep K N said...

Sachin can never be GOD- That doesn't suit him at all

GOD is one like Zidane- who can take a team single handedly, Win World Cup.

Sachin is a player who made records - thats it

Amrut said...

he has been the entertainer – the crowd puller.
Well well... You are right sunny bhai... It is all about entertainment...
Dravid is the best cricketer India has ever produced...
I know.............
What about Sachin will be your next question...
"Sachin is a phenomenon that has happened to Indian Cricket"
Nobody can match that... So he is not just a cricketer..
HE IS GOD!!!!!

@Sandeep... Italy Won!!! The Godgfather's abode prevailed!!!

Ripudaman said...

Remebering thal pull off Andy Cadick..(with the lights fading)..made all my hairs stand, from nostrils to some unclassified places....Thats the effect of Sachin.

But still, i'd say..."Dravid is best".

Indian cricket can't be complete with any of the two missing. If one is bread, then the other is butter...(or Jam or Jammy....wutever)

Yukthesh Jalali said...

Mind Blowing..Awesome Article.. From now on I am not only ur fan but also have become fan of your "WRITING". Man this article is just 2 good.

Ya u are right in saying that "U can't be Sachin". Forget about anybody being Sachin, I think even Arjun (Sachin's Son) can't become Sachin.

Agar aapa Kisi bade mandir mein jaaye tho waha kafi saare chote mandir bhi hote hai. Magar jis mandir ki wajah se us madir ki mahanta hai usi ko jyada mahanta di jaati hai.. Bas apne Sachin bhi vaise hi hai.

Vibhu said...

Sachin plays to make India win. On the other hand, dravid plays to not loose the match. As a consequence, India lands up winning..........
But two negative don't make positive my friend.....

You play to win in a daggering style like Sachin doesn.