Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tagged once more...

Rules of this tag:

1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. 8 things about you.
3. Tag 6 people.

The high flying eagle -Fleiger : The person who has tagged me and from whom I have got tagged myself ‘zabardasti’ ;)
When I read his tag, I got 3 -4 points there itself. So Fleiger, if some of these seem to be your copy paste, you can guess that I have ‘reused the code.’ But only because the functionality(characteristics) matched with me..

I love writing… about the things happening in life.. things happening around me...things which enrage me or make me smile, which concern me or just my imagination.
And yes, some day I would love to write a full fledged novel – may be… some day!!

It takes time for me to make ‘good’ friends. Friends I have many but there are just a handful of special ones. Of course they are the ones with whom I have long associations and have spent large chunks of life. And I am sure that these special ones will last the ‘distance’

Courtesy my parents, I have seen almost all parts of India. And as a result I love going to explore new places. Specially the ones with natural beauty associated with it. I like Mountains more than Beaches. Mainly because each turn gives a new view.

I am a great movie buff. There was time when every movie to be released had to be watched. Considering the fact that I have seen Naach in a 9 – 12 show after office should be enough proof that I can watch any movie (I got nightmares is a different thing). The interesting habits me and my friends have gained is remembering the dialogues of movies we enjoy. So in some cases the whole movie have been stored in the movie room of our mind. Of course for that requires watching movies more than one time e.g Border, DCH, Lakshay, hera pheri, andaaz apna apna, Rang De Basanti, Sholay – which range from 25 – 100 views. The latest movie to catch the attention is Khosla ka Ghosla.

Like writing I love reading too. The interest in reading had started with Chacha Chaudhry. It then continued with Hardy Boys. Fictions of Grishams, Sheldons and Archers found favour during college. And of late, it has been non fictions like India Unbound, World is Flat and The Argumentative Indian etc. Fictions also come and go in between to lighten things a bit.

Music has been part of me for long now. I remember my mother’s small cassette player as being the first tryst with music. Then we bought a player – which could handle 2 cassettes and we could record from one to another. The first song recorded on that was I guess baba sehgal’s “thanda thanda paani.” The journey continued and the mp3 boom really helped widen the variety which I listen to. Presently, according to mood, I listen to rock or ghazals or hindi movies – from 1960’s to 2006..or nusrat’s qawalis or hariharan’s soothing voice or Strings or English Soft rock or Hindi pop . and the list goes on and on..….

I like working out and be fit – though it happens in phases. There happens to be a phase when for 3 – 4 months I am regular at gym - pumping iron.. then comes the phase with very less physical activity for 2 -3 months..waiting for infy gym in chandigarh to come up!!!

I love games, specially – what else, Cricket. ‘I think’, I understand the game quite well – the strategies and moves that we see captains adopting in the game. Having some practical experience also helps a lot in understanding. And the 4 years in college gave more practical classes in cricket than any other subject. I think you have passion, you can play any game. The point is to enjoy. After cricket I have enjoyed playing squash. Badminton, football, TT, Volleyball and Bowling are some other outdoor games I have tried my hand at.

Now Time to Tag people..
1. KT (after you finish your swades series)
2. Amrut (not seen him around on blogspot for quite some time)
3. Rompy (dude – ur kasauli blog is pending..)
4. Bharath (sir jee.. some of ur previous tags are also pending)


KT said...

well I knew most of these traits... just that I shud have guessed the point c and

that may be your 10% fo repeat viewings have been with me only

SiD said...

@KT: hahaha... ya i guess u r correct..infact for movies like RDB and lakshya.. more than 10% of the viewings have been with you ;)
long live the chota wala TV :)

Amrut said...

Dekh le bhai...
I am back with the tag on the blogger!!!

Cuckoo said...

Points no. b,c match almost exactly except for I don’t have any long association with any friend. Girls are bad at that. :(
Again reading, music and cricket matches. I used to play cricket with boys since no girl wanted to play it ;)

Hmmm I guess I have written a lot more "andar ki baat" than you guys. Next time I better be careful.

Not taking any more tags now. I already have one pending. Fleiger Tagger,, are you listening?? This is not Holi that you can do "zabardasti". Ok? Let SiD take it like a good fellow he is. :))

Amey said...

@Sid: Good one... I missed the novel part on my tag ;)
Otherwise, like you said, its almost the same for a lot of points. Except that my workout contains a lot of walking and games, no dedicated thing.

@Cuckoo: I am reading it, but can't get what Sid is supposed to take?
And as for Holi... ;)

SiD said...

@cuckoo: I am here ever ready to take whatever comes my way...but dont run away from tags.. they are gr8.. atleast helps put on ur thinking cap sometimes....

@amrut: welcome back ;)

SiD said...

@flieger: i guess cuckoo means i am here to take the future tags which might be coming from you...

and Holi kab hai.. kab hai Holi.. ;)
(cuckoo dont say that u dont know that this dialogue is from which movie)

Cuckoo said...

but can't get what Sid is supposed to take? Ohh Eagle becoming ostrich now ?? ;) Now you can not say you didn't know about birds's acting skills.
Acting chaalu aahe..

LOLLLLLL.. Naah I don't know the movie's name :P
Was it something called "Munnabhai" or "RDB" or .. ?? ROFL .. But I know Basanti danced well in that song. :))))

Amey said...

@Sid: We always have three-way dialogs...
Anyways, you always take up the tags which I send your way. Are you going to do them twice?
And if left to cuckoo, there will be "poore pachas hajar" inam on my head too.

@Cuckoo: mala abhinay jamat nahi, unless you count comedy ;)