Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Voice

From the airs above
Came a voice
It was known and familiar
Of someone friendly and similar

It was in trance
And it was normal
It was excited
And it was calm
It was dreamy
Yet very real

It had the passion
Of a raging ocean
Along with the softness
Of a cuddly cushion
It was overwhelming
And engulfing..

It cannot differentiate between night and day
And somehow makes you feel the same way
Like a V8 under the hood
That makes everyone around feel good..

O main koi pitti hai”, asked DJ
3 cheers to the voice with BJ

P.S: Interpreting the exact meanings behind this piece will be difficult..or I must say impossible for anyone

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Arre sahi poem....
serioulsy, that moment was soooo gud, everything was so real and yet so nice!!!

And that what ur 'BJ' would hv commented: hehehhe...ye kya likha hai..tum sab itne velle ho kya