Monday, July 02, 2007

Life in a Metro..

It was the third or fourth time I was witness to it today.
Evening time, heavy office rush, traffic not even moving inches and in the middle of all of this mess, you see rotating blue lights along with those sirens hearing which gives you a strange bad feeling.
On the sides of the van it is written "We Save Lives".
The driver of the van is sitting coolly - knowing that he can not move. The car in front of it, the auto on the side, the bus at the back stand there unknown - or at least pretending to be unknown of the graveness of the situation. Through the small windows behind, you can see some anxious and helpless faces looking around. Everyone around is busy with his or her life and carry on their routines.
The first time I had seen this I had contemplated if I could do something to smoothen the flow and make the ambulance pass. Then I saw a sea of vehicles half a kilometer long on each side of the van.
Today it was the same. I just saw, shrugged and carried on. After all I had a train to catch.


Cuckoo said...

So bluntly you said the truth !

Who cares ?

Anonymous said...

ab bhool gaya mysore aur chd ko......aaise hi jeena hain aage..

Unknown said...

The show just goes on!!!

Sanchit421 said...

mumbai's traffic is its core value, can't help it... :)
we all have our trains to catch !!

Anonymous said...

thts wat we all do i guess, we feel strongly, and then we just feel and then we get apathetic.

been here thru cuckoo's blog.i had the same template when i was in blogspot. so kinda missing it :)

SiD said...

@maverick: thanks for coming...and yes.. we do feel but then let it go.. SAd!!