Sunday, August 26, 2007

8 Random Facts About me: A Tag

As is the usual case, a tag by Fleiger.
Writing about yourself is always tough and so was this.
But the randomness brought about the tag has allowed me to say just random things..

So starting off with the rules of the Tag

The Rules of this tag:

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
  2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
  3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
  4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.
1. Done

  • I love photography – mostly the beauty of nature. But sometimes anything random – just like this blog. I think my first big buy after getting a good job would be a nice camera with zooom zaaam and all.
  • Another thing on the ‘To-Buy’ List is an Ipod – No life without music. But presently I am a student again and also my Mobile (which was the first big buy of my first job) is serving both the purpose of camera and Mp3 player quite well. Hence postponing both these buys is feasible.
  • I think I am a good listener. Once in a practice GD, the teacher remarked that he didn’t know I was listening or not but my face is such that it looks like I am keenly interested. :-)
  • Despite having decided to keep away from cricket, earlier in the year, I still do watch it ONLY when Sachin is batting.
  • After some days of being unorganized – be it the disoriented room, cupboard etc, I get an inner call and leaving everything aside I organize everything and feel quite satisfied at the end.
  • Off Late I have learnt having a sound sleep, keeping my head down and also sleeping with my eyes open. In fact I wanted to write a post on different kinds of sleeps which you can sleep with your eyes open. But I realized that while you can sleep with your eyes open, you cannot write while you are sleeping – either with closed eyes or open… Aaaghh… what have I written.. Guess I am feeling sleepy (that is what you generally do at 2 AM)
  • Off late, my roommates have told me that I have a new girlfriend – a Cost Accounting Book. I was always found with that book. Before sleeping, while sleeping. And I believe it was quite true. It was just like a girl friend – you spent most of your time with it(her) and still at the end of day, you realize you haven’t understood it(her) at all!!!
  • Quite recently, when I was making PPT’s every day, I coined a phrase which has become quite famous now. It is: “PPT Banao. Khud Jaan Jao” (ofcourse some inspirations have been gained by the idiot box)
3 & 4. Ab koi bhi le lo yaar tag... jiska mann karta hai utha lo...


Cuckoo said...

Cuckoo gets the early bird prize !!

This tag is pending for me as well. :( Fleiger hai na..

Pt no. 3 & 5 are quite cuties.

And congratulations for your new girl friend. :)

Amey said...

I won't say no to #1, and being a proud owner of 5G iPod, I agree with you on #2.

#3 must come in handy with your GFs, right? On 7th thoughts, you need reading (mind) skills for that ;)

Bharti Bedi said...

gud listner??? hahahaha
organised?? heheheheh
kya mazaak hai yehh

aur han sleeping patterns k bare mein plz post likhna..kyhambahkt neend bahut ati hai..

Cost accounting is so simple as copmared to corporate and financial accounting..dunno wat ur studying dese days!!

All the best for projects n all..n u got ne new slides for PPTs?? ya going with basics??