Saturday, September 08, 2007


As I wrote earlier... these days I am living by days.. Every day is a new chapter with a new challenge..
The latest challenge is quite interesting and well.... challenging :)
Its 2.30 AM now.. and we(my whole group) have 2 back to back presentations tomorrow starting at sleep defying 8.30 AM..
If we wade through these two and expect to fulfill the sleeping needs.. well its again a day dream... because day after - early morning another 'major' presentations awaits us.. that even has a strict time limit.. so a lot of practice has to go in that!!

I had once read in a book about how things go at said that people make presentations till 4.00 AM and then give presentations to clients next day... that time i had thought - is it really possible or is it exaggeration!!
Now I know!!


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha... I can understand your state.

All the Best for your presentations. But the day after (i.e. tomo) happens to be a Sunday.
Oh yes, you guys work on Sundays too. :)

My heartfelt.... baki apne aap bhar lo.

Amey said...

Presentations on weekend? Now that's something new...

I second Cuckoo... Heartfelt and all that...