Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Rare Holiday

A rare holiday after exams. It was decided to go for an excursion. Though it didn't turn out to be as planned.. but there were enough memories - both in mind as well as in form of 200 photographs..

Never in exams had we got up at 6.30... But had to do it to catch the train in a non-rush hour...

Breakfast @ Churchgate Station

No Autos in the poshest area of Mumbai.... so a Taxi ride to the Gateway..

The Taj - Mumbai one... can be said to be one of the wonders among the hotels...

'Chal dhano...'

With Dhano on the move.. its time to enjoy the serene surroundings

A magnificent view of Taj and Gateway together

The kafila moved to Haaji Ali after the boat ride...

Beautiful Nakasshi inside the structure

'Dhal gaya Din... Ho gayi shaam'..incidentally the previous evening was also spent at the same place

Catching up with the lost sleep of 10 days... The train is a lovely lullaby


Unknown said...

abe...ek hi din mein 3 baar kapde bhi badle? techi saath le kar ghoom raha tha... [;)]

SiD said...

abey saaaf saaaf likha hai ki neeche aali fotoyen pichle din ki hain..
dhyaan naal padh...

Cuckoo said...

Glad to see your blog back in action..

These photos look so much familiar to me. Morning local, Churchgate staion pe coffee & taxi.. my daily routine till some time back. I used to catch 6:30 train. :-)

When I saw your photos, I thought the visit was to Elephanta caves of which I have yet to write about. Till pic no. 7 is common for the journey.

Keep posting.

Amey said...

My first thoughts: You got space to photograph and sleep in locals? Is there a Mumbai band or anything?

My second thoughts: Early morning and late night. Then it's ok.

My third thoughts: Nice photos. Looks like you enjoyed a lot.

Damn, I have been thinking a lot lately.

SiD said...

@cuckoo: 6.30 train pakadne ki himmat to nahi hue... we caught 8.00AM..
and till some time back?? u take a chopper now??? ;)

blog is not completely in action... plenty issues in life for now..

@fleiger: well pretty logical thoughts, I must say !! :)
the enjoyment was actually cut short..but still had fun.. !!

Amey said...

I think you had more than enough fun for a day there :D

And yes, no one has yet accused me of being illogical.

deepanjali said...

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Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

Hmmm..Mumbai photos looks too good :) great way to relax after exams

Rahul said...

Beautiful "Picture Blog"