Monday, December 24, 2007

Strange Feelings

Feeling Suffocated
I part away the curtains...

Feeling restless
I neatly arrange everything on table

Feeling at loss
I take a sip of water

Feeling wayward
I take out the planner again..

Feeling short of time
I try to skip... only to return..

Feeling Nostalgic
I remember the same times in 'those' 4 years

Feeling angry
I dump everything..knowing I will come back.

P.S: Why does it always happen that when you HAVE to do something, you enjoy doing something else..


Unknown said...

exactly tujhe karna kya hai?
meri maan kuch bhi na kar...

Cuckoo said...


Can I ask, why such post ?

I agree with Rompy. Don't do anything... just sit back for sometime. I know other factors won't allow you to do that but sometimes we have to do just that for sanity's sake.
Have I gone too deep ? ;)

SiD said...

@rompy: beta paper sir pe hai..kuch nahi karne se kuch nahi hoga..
kuch kuch (karna) hota hai...!!

@cuckoo: why such a post... i dont know.. just a momentary phase of mind..
and ya... have found way to "not to anything" - go to juhu beach at night to unwind!!! :)

Amrut said...

Good luck for the papers dude!!

Bharti Bedi said...

duniya ka nara Jame raho!!

har kam ko tala karte hain, yeh sapne pala karte hain....:P

kame raho bache!!

50scent said...

Ryt said Frnd, I used to read newspaper for hours, cover2cover only during exams.