Monday, January 21, 2008

Struggle..... Survive Rise Fight and..

....Find a Way.

1. A Hut in the middle of the Jungle - Mumbai
2. Sunrise - Shimla.
3. Struggle between Darkness and Light - Mysore
4. A path to Nowhere - Somewhere in Karnataka


Amrut said...

Nice fotos dude...
First can also be "Hope"...
This 3rd foto is the one taken just before that hailstone rain that we were caught in right?

Anonymous said...

your first photo is really good and nicely can send it to some phtography competition.

50scent said...

Nice compilation

SiD said...

@amrut: Hope!!! hm.. interesting..

and that foto was not on the day of hailstorm.. there was no sun that day.. this was taken on the highway!!

@Teji: Thanks.. comptt.. pata nahi bhai.. guess its not that good!! mobile se lii huee hai :)

@50scent: thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

wah ji wah.. kya baat hai..
first pic is really special!!