Sunday, May 04, 2008

IPL: Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts on the current craze – which aimed and to an extent beat the saas-bahu stranglehold.

Royal Challengers
That name, of course comes from the popular liquor from the owner - UB stable. But consider the name – Challengers. The name itself suggests that they will be always be only challenging others – winning is.. well.. tough… Best luck for the future challenges to Rahul - One of the greatest batsmen India has ever produced. It’s a pity to see him struggling with his “test team” in 20-20..

Chennai Super Kings
Dons the colors of Australia – and not surprisingly is performing like Australia (though they are on the verge of their 1st defeat as I pen these words). I read somewhere that yellow – the shining bright color of Sun, is a color of the king who rules everyone. I won’t be surprised if the Chennai Super Kings turn out to be the Kings of IPL too.

Delhi Daredevils
Along with brightness, comes the darkness too. There is a constant struggle between both of them to win. Darkness – represented by the Devils of Delhi (the color of the dress is black too). This is the other strong contender in IPL.

Rajasthan Royals
Before IPL began, the Royalty seemed as it didn’t have teeth (read good players). But the royal people, especially in Rajasthan have the history of being warriors. And so it turned out for this team as well. One of the best performing teams having the potential to reach the semi finals.

Kings XI Punjab

If we have the royal families of Rajasthan, we have the Kings of Punjab too. Lion hearted – they definitely are. Seen them working at close quarters (watching a match from just above their pavilion), I can say that they give their fullest – see Brett lee. But again, I am not very sure of the captaincy of the Yuvraj Singh. On the field, I found Jayawardhane (Sri Lankan Captain) more active in getting the angles right, making sure field placement is right when there are left and right hand batsman on the crease etc. May be our wannabe captain is on his learning curve.

Mumbai Indians
The team which has my Favorite player as the captain – who unfortunately has not played a single game. Well, till now I am defending lack of performance by Mumbai among my friends circle with just 1 excuse – No Sachin. This is about to change with a tough tough match against Delhi on Sunday where Sachin makes his IPL debut. I really hopes he has all the answers to all questions which the Mumbai Indians have not been able to answer. It is the Guru vs Shishya (sehwag) on Sunday.

Kolkata Knight Riders
They are the mavericks. It comes out in many ways - their brand ambassador/owner, the colors of their dress – I really like the Golden Pads. Another unthinkable – having Saurav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting in 1 team – 2 people who have been one of the best captains of their sides and both of whom love to be at the helm of proceedings.

Deccan Chargers
One of the strongest team on paper – Gibbs, Afridi, Gilchrist – arguably the World’s 3 top dangerous hitters. But their charges have not been very effective. Again, hard not to notice the dull colored dresses – may be taking the vibrancy of some of the classy players. Ya, it is a very earthy color but who needs to be on earth in T20. We want high flying sixes sir.


Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts. Kabhi socha nahi aise. :D

Mumbai won against DD & Chennai SK are struggling at the moment.

Looking at the current status, who do you think deserve to be in finals ?

Mahadevan said...

nice analysis penned down.. Just differ in one aspect that U hope that Mumbai Indians will perform well, which I personally dont think.. If u just see the pattern, India s 4 best test and ODI players of all time - Dravid, Sourav, Lax and Sachin - s teams are struggling,, a perfect indication that this is not active crickt,, This is Crik-ertainment...
But who care as long as it keeps us stuck to the screen :)

SiD said...

@cuckoo: mere dimaag mein kaafi din se aisee random si thoughts collect ho rahi thi... so thot to finally pen them down.
regd IPL... nothing can be my friend Amit says, seems like evrything is fixed..if chennai and delhi keep on winning, there will be no entertainment left in IPL..
well, definitely some weight in the argument.. but not sure about the fixing thing..
IPL is largely an individual's game.. who works on a day - u can never know..hence lots of uncertainty...

as of finals..
if sachin starts playing then obviously i wud love to see mumbai in finals.. baaki i am not favouring any team as such..

nice observation - about the captains. but saurav's team was at the top initially.. it is falling. while mumbai with some great wins is rising.. so u cannot say that they are not performing...(can say that abt rahul and lax to an extent)

Anonymous said...

You are tagged here, do when you have time.

Unknown said...

bhai aisa hai ki jeeta do rajasthan royals ko...shart lagayi hai appan..