Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The morning hustle..the early bustle.
By the second...the time gets dearer
Between find a moment
When you just smile at the mirror
That moment you want to freeze
That is what you call peace..

Through the evening rush.. clammers the local
The nudges..the pushes.environs getting more vocal..
Amongst the buildings running by...
An awesome view of purple and orange painting the sky
that moment of the uncomfortable ease..
That is what you call peace...

A maddening rush..trying to beat time..
No path to set foot on..concern for others comes a dime
Walking without a care in world... setting your own pace..
You are clear amongst the blur..refusing to join the race
That moment when time seems to cease..
That is what you call peace..


Bonsai said...

very nice one... if u can write such poetry u are on ur way to become a really good writer...:)

Deon Fernandes (Dandy) said...

kya baat hai....kya rhyme hai
the unravellin of shabd bedi :)

Sanchit421 said...

great imagination boi... the peace u have so very well put in words is the most awesome times of our lives! may MBA never change that :)

B.A. said...

really gud choice of words....and an even better emotion behind those words...

SiD said...

@all: thanks guys!
appreciate that!

Unknown said...

gr8 going yaar...unlike some "noveau poets" u ve really put words that really strike cords....

Unknown said...

ba bedi ba....

Cuckoo said...

Kabse is poem pe comment kerna chaahti thi, but reh jata tha. :-)

Now all I can say is 'How do you write such great stuff ? '

Good choice of words, they convey a lot.

Some tips pls. I think I'll have to stop writing now.


SiD said...

@complete.....: thanks!! and wud be great agar aapka asli naam pata chal jaye!!

@rompy: akhir bond hun main

@cuckoo: arrey baap re... aisa kya ho gaya yaar... plz keep writing.. such bursts of creative writing are v less for me these days.. and tips to you!!! aaaahhh!!