Monday, June 08, 2009


Structured Search – that seems the buzzword and the way to go forward for the search companies. Wolfram Alpha was the first one to come up with such a structured result of a query. But the results are from a massive database it has. Google has taken up a more challenging task of structuring the whole web through Google Squared, which is still developing in its Labs. Microsoft’s Bing brings in a good competition to the search area of Google. But not to be left behind in its own game, Google, with squared (and the amazing Google wave) clearly has a vision of where it is headed.

As for structured search, it seems the natural way forward. Google has indexed the whole World Wide Web and pulls up what you need at the click of a button for the user. The way forward, quite logically is to present the information or data in a format that is much more user friendly, which saves time and reads the mind of the user effectively.

The advent of Web 2.0 and the user-generated data on the web results in an overload of information. Any innovation which provides a structure, sense and a certain authenticity to this maze of data is bound to be accepted and widely popular.

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