Saturday, November 21, 2009

Owner is God!!

Every day, for 8 hours I am surrounded with hundreds of trucks. The truck wallahs have a penchant for writing quotes on their vehicle. The most popular one is the famous,
“buri nazar wale, tera mooh kaala”. Then there are some good intentioned people who say, “Buri nazar wale, tera bhi bhala”.
The most common one I have found on side of trucks is “God is One” while many of them advise against AIDS with a “AIDS se bachen”
Today I saw a rather confusing one. It said, “Owner is God”.
Well don’t know if the truck owner is calling himself God or he has simply translated the hindi saying – “Bhagvaan Maalik hai”.


Pritesh said...

i can relate to your observations :) :)... after rural sales stints of selling mainly truck tyres and meeting customers :)...

keep watchin :)

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

One strange one which i came across,
"Dum hai to aage nikal, warna sabra kar".

JAS said...

Nice one liners. I remember seeing on the back of a truck in Kolkata. Its in Bengali and reads

" Shookh Shoponey, shanti shoshaney.."
(Happiness (lies) in dreams; and peace in crematorium)

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JAS said...
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