Friday, September 23, 2005

The Mechie Classic!!!!

According to me, This one photograph is an all time classic which you rarely get to see. If observed carefully there are a variety of emotions that can be observed. Till date this is the best still shot I have been in.
Ok. Now the reason behind such excitement and joy which you can undoubtedly see.
This was clicked just after we, the Mechanical, 2004 batch of Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, had come out after giving the LAST exam of our college life ( ya most of us were pretty sure that we wont get Reappears)
The last year was a bliss for everyone of us!! No classes, full day cuts, sitting in canteen and chatting full day long.. this is how our final year passed. After coming to college in the morning it was the canteen where all had to give their attendance rather than the class. Everybody had landed up with jobs and with futures secured, it was time to live Life to the fullest.
People often feel sorry for the Mechies, reason being no girls in the class. But let me clarify here that of all the deptts, it is the mechies who are the leaders in having fun. Why? Because it is fun of a different kind in an all Boys class. They bond more strongly in absence of ‘distractions’. These ‘distractions’ are inversely proportional to the Number of Bunks.
Ya the theorem is far fetched but it is true. Now if there are girls in the class and one damsel refuses for a cut, then there would be 10 guys who would also sit, just in order to impress her or be with her or just to look at her. Now if each of these 10 guys pursue even 1 of their friends to stay, that makes the number to 20.. sorry 21..( the damsel is also there). And it is observed widely that beautiful girls hunt in pairs. That means the probability of a beauty being a friend of another beauty is more than 0.9.
And if by chance, the other one also attracts an equal number of more “hunters”, the number goes up to 32 and the mass cut can take a back seat then. So Can all the pioneers of the Mass Cut Movement.
I guess, I am diverting from the main topic.
So coming back – the main purpose I am writing this – the photograph. So what do u see in it.

The first thing that one notices is the true happiness. If you carefully look at the faces of each person u will see that the smile is true. It is coming from directly ‘Dil Se’. The photographer in this case didn’t had to say the customary “Cheese”. In fact we had to say “ Jaldi Kheench”. Reason being, everybody was climbing on top of each other to be captured. Proof: See how cruely maini is pushing Train just to get in the pic. And I tell you facing that type of force is no mean feat and some one like Chunnu would have crumbled under the pressure. (pple i have mentioned are in the photo.. their identification is given at the end)

Ok now you can’t see the bond between all of us but can’t you feel it. No!!! then just look at the pic again and think yourself right there between the ‘winged’ hands and screaming together in 1 voice. Ya now u feel it!!!

Some how it also captures our freedom. Freedom from the blood sucking exams, which were like a burden for 4 years but which in some way brought us all together. Asking doubts from each other, Copying notes, coming to library together and after a hard study session going for the paranthas at PEC market or Rajma Chawal at Canteen. I remember laughing uncontrollably along with Train and Makhan before the automotive exam making fun of the old indicator mechanisms which were not in use any more. Exams were not so bad after all.

The freedom also signifies the independence we were set to gain soon. New jobs, new lives, no dependence on parents for cash. We were finally entering the big bad world and it made us confident bunch of guys. This confidence, u again cannot see but feel.

Whenever I feel down in my life., I take a look at this photo. Instantly, I feel invigiorated, fresh and a smile automatically comes to my face. The zeal and enthusiasm oozing out of this extra ordinary photo is really infective. It infects me whenever I see it. Hope it does to u as well, no matter you are there or not!!!

Vital Stats
Location: PEC Campus (Outside Electronics Deptt)
Date: Don’t remember exactly but around 1st week of May, 2004 (will update soon)
Camera used: Tanny’s Big Camera – one with the focus shocus and all
Man behind the camera : the owner, Tanny
Men in front of the camera:
(sitting, from L to R): Chunnu, Chugh

(Standing from L to R): Aniket, Thakur(one who is barely visible), Makhan, Me!!!, Sardar, Popat(behind Sardar), Vikash, Vimal (behind vikash), Bhediya, Trainn (its because of his grand pose that this photo is classy), Maini (pushing Trainn)

(In Air from L to R): Lamboo( soon to be married) , Nikhlesh

There are some more arms, hands, helmets.. sorry for not recognizing u guys!!!


TyphoonTanny said...

Oye Hoye...Mazaa aa gaya..

Main photo mien hota to aur mazaa aata..BUT PHIR AISEE PHOTO NAHIN AATI ;)


SiD said...

bhai tanny, u have the credit of being behind the camera and clicking that CLASSIC...
u will always be remembered!!!!

Long live ur bada wala camera!!!!

Amrut said...

Hey bedu... The Cut and the All boyz class explanation is awesome... You are very true... Girls are distracting!!! Good job buddy.. Nice language!!!

SiD said...

Thanks Dude!!!

Anonymous said...

bhai seedhi si baat hai...
college mein teen tarah ke luck hote hain ..

1/ gudh luck..
chicks bhi hon aur achi ratio bhi

2/ gudh luck n badh luck...

3/ just badh luck!!!
meta 2007 ...
ladkiyaan hain bhi aur nahin bhi :(

Cuckoo said...

Hey, was going thru your blog. Beautifully written.
College Days....This is a nice way to keep them alive forever. :)

Will read your blog in instalments. Be ready for some more comments. :)

SiD said...

hey cuckoo, thanks for the comment...
and I am ready for more ;)
and ya.. you will have tp go through in installments... there are 49 posts.. and not all are small... (that rymes ...;) )

Cuckoo said...

Where is your love Rompy in this pic? :P

SiD said...

hahaha.... well rompy is not a mechie...and this is a mechie classic!!!

Cuckoo said...

So sad :((
So, he was your college mate not the classmate?