Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Inquilab Zindabad

Many articles and blogs were written by many people on the movie Rang De Basanti. I had thought hard to write something too but it didn’t happen. Then I came across the thoughts behind one of the very popular slogans also shown in the movie – Inquilab Zindabad. One slogan that is said to have redefined the revolutionary movement.
The feelings and the real meanings behind the slogan were explained by Bhagat Singh and B.K Dutt in a letter to an editor.
Inquilab Zindabad is a hindi translation of an original slogan used in Russian Revolution which said – Long Live Revolution. The Revolution here didn’t mean the armed rebellion against the British by the Indians or a similar movement. The revolution signifies a greater and a much deeper meaning in the context.
Revolution magnifies the need for constant changes in the nation, society and basically the lives of WE - The People. The changes are to shatter the moulds we have been cast into – the window which restricts our vision instead of opening up for us to have a go at something different, something new. It is normal human tendency to resist change. It brings along with it some uncomfortable feelings, new challenges, and uncertainties. Confronting a change is itself a test but a greater challenge is to initiate a change. And that is what is known as a Revolution – Inquilab!!
DJ says the same thing in RDB, “zindagi jeene ke 2 hi tareeke hote hain.. ek jo ho rha hai hone do.. ya fer jimmedaari uthao – usse badalne ki” (There are only 2 ways to live – One, Whatever is happening – let it happen. Or take the responsibility to introduce the change)

The definition of revolution will vary from time to time. Place to place. But its soul will remain the same. Fighting for something what you feel is right. And fighting doesn’t mean a physical fight or a violent fight. It may be a long drawn struggle - struggle to achieve what you feel is correct for you. It may not be a struggle for masses. It may be a struggle just for you. It may not concern some national issues; it may be issues at your college, workplace or even home. The basic criterion is a need for change. Changes that you truly believe in, which you know are right, which affect you in a positive way and which will go in improving you and may be many others along with you. If you believe in something deeply, then only you can make your point and convince others of why it is needed, what it will bring about, whom it will be useful to and how it can be brought about.
That will happen when we start to think about the happenings around us – the things that are affecting us or can affect us. Normally we don’t and let the things happen and consciously or unconsciously adjust ourselves.
George Bernard Shaw said, “The Reasonable Man Adapts himself to the world. The Unreasonable man Persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

I also belong to the category of a normal, unaware human being.. but I have started thinking. Whatever is happening around me – how is it affecting me?
I may not have the confidence of taking the responsibility for that Inquilab today. But I will try. Try not to be just lazy and close my eyes but keeping my senses open to that change and not be afraid for that change.
What will be the change? How will it look like, how will I identify it – I don’t know. But I am sure; it will identify itself if I have a will to accept it.


Anonymous said...

I am really impressed by your style of writing . But the content is what impressed me more. Really though provoking..

Keep up the good work my friend and bring out something more like this ..


Amrut said...

I may not have the confidence of taking the responsibility for that Inquilab today. But I will try.
This is one of the best blogs you have written so far!!!
The intricate details about the word Inquilab that I couldn't understand in Bhagat Singh's words are more clear. You are right. Man is resistant to change. His immuno system hates change. But progress depends on over coming this inertia. I was impressed by part in your blog which says 'I will try'. We need to try. We might fail but we that has only 50% probability.
The way you bring out the broader meaning of the Revolution is too good!!! It just not the Armed revolution, or the indian revolution but the need to change.. Come out of the shell and become better!!!
Great work man... Keep writing!!!

SiD said...

thanks Jeetu, Amrut, Kunnu:
@Amrut: well, as u know, i had made up my mind to write this, when i read that letter to editor by bhagat singh. But it was really hard to come out with the meaning in the right perspective. you claming it to be my best blog really gives a gr8 satisfaction..

@jeetu: i wud again repeat a dialogue from RDB.. "yeh to shuruat hai.. abhi to aur ayenge!!" ( in this case my blogs ;)

@kunnu: waiting eagerly for ur blog..

neha said...

Nice article! Bumped upon your blog while searching for some material on 'inquilab zindabbad'.
What we need today is thought revolution.
If every person starts to think and act righteously, we can have a better nation.