Friday, May 12, 2006

Treasured Moments

Cricket Ground at Infy covered with a Layer of Ice

At the end of morning cricket session I had rushed for the shower – the heat becoming unbearable. The evening changed everything. The lovely cool breeze arrived, accompanied by its darker side – the dense cover of black clouds.
I was leaving office with Amrut, wanting to reach home and protect my brand new leather shoes. It was not to be. As soon as we left office compounds on his bike the dark rain laden clouds decided to throw their weight around. Slowly and then a full fledged shower – not a normal one mind you. They were big bad sharp drops which hit us in our faces and bodies. But we moved on, openly challenging the rain to hit us.. hit us hard.
We carried on, shouting at the rain.
“Have u seen a Hail storm”, I asked Amrut. “I guess hailstorms don’t happen in South India”.
“No. They Do.”, came the reply
“Its been long since I have seen one”, I mused.
The breeze had now become a full fledged wind and was accomplice to the challenges thrown at me, Amrut and his sweetie – that is his Bike. Of course not to forget my new shoes.
Amrut’s need for a cigarette rose in the excellent atmosphere. As we stopped to buy his King, Amrut shouted, “Abey see this. Olle”.
They were indeed small round ice balls falling from the sky. I coerced him to move on. Bit Hesitant, he agreed. And with those ice balls battering us, we carried on our endeavor.
It didn’t end on reaching home. The moment was to be enjoyed thoroughly.
Standing under the open sky, facing the vast expanse, eyes closed, winged arms, blank mind and the incessant drops of water immersing us within them. Moments such as these are meant to be treasured and they sure were.


Amrut said...

olle!!!! Olle!!! Olle!!!!
Mast Exp tha be!!! too good!!

KT said...

well I saw read both the blogs... and yes from ur words and the pics... I think ur experience was more chilling than mine..

Unknown said...

saale naye leather shoes..waat laga di hogi unki to

Fleiger said...

Saw some photos Satya sent... Sounds like you had some good showers there :)