Friday, September 08, 2006

Before I lay Waiting

A prequel to my previous post I lay waiting..

Thru the Ear
Came the fear
I think I knew
When the moments grew

I stood there
Like a broken tree
Then I smiled
Ironic and Free

Then I raced..
To achieve a feat.
It was Time
I was trying to beat

I saw light
And moved in its way
But a divine Force called
“The show must.....”, it started to say.

I forced it
To stay Mum
And then I lay waiting
For it to come…..


Amrut said...

I stood there
Like a broken tree
Then I smiled
Ironic and Free

Believe me..these lines brought tears in my eyes man!!! People feel.. but puttin feelings in words such that others can also feel is an art... You posses it dude... But mind you... "The show much go on"... There are so many more things coming your way... Yes it is ironic, but true.. you are free now... Enjoy the freedom dude!! make most of it!!!

Cuckoo said...

You've moved me. Can't find words to express..

Anonymous said...

That's a very good poem...

My knowledge of poetry is rivaled only by my knowledge of Pluto (Know what it is, roughly). But I must say, that "You should be a song writer" is not misleading.

KT said...

hmm... mujhe lagta tha ki sid kyun faaltu mein blogthings ke survey lele kar apne blog mein laga raha hai ... (prob because the same surveys didn't have any pleasing words for me...:))
but I must say that u shud be a song writer.... although as I have already told u... my knowledge and even the sensitivity of poems is quite less....

SiD said...

@amrut: Thanks man.. u know why you can understand the words more than the others...

@Cuckoo: well.. cant find words to thanks you .. :)

@flieger: if u ask me.. i too dont understand poetry... its just that sometimes you are unable to write complete sentences about what you are feeling... then u write some short sentecncs.. and make some words rhyme.. that is a def of poetry for me!! :)

@KT: well. i shud be a song writer. i dont know... and aldo if i can be of some help in improving ur understanging of so called poetry..i am always there ;)...