Friday, September 01, 2006


Yesterday, I was contacted to make some changes in PLES Portal.
As I went and made changes and saw them reflected on the website, nostalgic memories rushed in to the mind.
I was with my baby again. And wasn’t it beautiful.
Though the portal was not started by me, but bringing it to the present shape – I can immodestly say was done by me.
My journey with it started when Shyam handed over an orange colored portal (now in white and blues) to me – having zero knowledge about what portals are, how they are made, how I will be setting up a server.
The next thing I remember is suddenly knowing everything and doing everything with considerable ease.
Of course this could not have been possible had Google would not have been there.
But everything was not sudden. It was slow and steady – contributions from everyone. Getting familiar with JSP’s (though I was somewhat familiar), then some Java.. then there were problems with Tomcat (I remember asking from Bharath, Babu and even Manoj about some error about an excel not opening through the server) and my complete ignorance about them even after considerable time spent (I didn’t know that a folder WEB-INF folder has to be present in the application directory until Neeraj told me). I can’t even remember how many times I bugged my cubicle mate Amrut for even trivial things. Amit was there. I can’t remember what error was there when Amit and Neeraj had spent a whole evening at the server helping me out.
Then there was Vishesh – whom I still owe some 50P or something to find bugs in the portal. Deal was 25 P per a minor UI bug and more for functionality. I guess there were 2 spelling mistakes.
Jalali used to come up frequently – I remember he tried hard when a table size was not being limited to a page width when the text increased beyond a limit. And there was a continuous flow of ideas from Amrut, Neeraj and Sandeep.
Portal also helped me increase my java interest.
There was the request Tracker. In my training days, I had never imagined that I would be able to write a java class from scratch. And for request tracker I coded a whole application (Though a small one) from scratch - Completely based on the MVC architecture.
When I see the front end and the functionality after many months today – it seems like ‘too good yaar’. And I feel proud that I have done the coding for this which is coming to use.
It was not very exciting at that time, but now when I look back, it gave me an opportunity to learn new things, different things, may be letting out my creativity to some extent and I guess increased my interest in Java language and web development part of it. I was helped by many people in the course. But all in all, I can say this Portal is my baby.

P.S: This piece may sound an immodest, boastful, self praising article. So be it. I am proud of the thing I have done !!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that was after my time I guess. What have you got in that portal?

SiD said...

well, it was after ur time at ur seat.. I inherited your cool 1 GB RAm machine..

well, there were many things but never utilized..
apart from a request tracker on the lines of AHD(CCD) requests tracker.. there was a feednack and suggestions forum.. A confidential section where some selected users could upload/download files, delete files, make or delete folders.. etc etc..
admin section where you could view/add/delete these confidential users...
bascially very basic and simple things but imp as i knew nothing about them and learnt in due course...

Anonymous said...

Oh, that PC in front of PLM pillar has really become a legend now... Unfortunately the machine needed to be changed to accomodate 1GB RAM, the previous one had legendary history.

The portal looks cool. You must have learnt a lot during that time, envy you.

SiD said...

thanks fleiger..
from these learnigns I made my own portal ;)
the highlight of that portal was an Orkut like scrap book...managed to get it almost like orkut(except fotos) by the time I left.. enjoyed a lot doing that...

Amrut said...

Oye kaake.. The last two lines in your blog are too good man... Narcissism!!! Bedu, your portal not only helped you man, it also helped many like me to revive their interests in Java... Portal to bhai.. It rocks!!!

SiD said...

@amrut: Thanks dude... u too had a significant role in that... cant tell waht but it was !!