Thursday, November 30, 2006

Those were the days.....

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The Wonder Years Tag…

1.Write 8-10 things about childhood ( 1-12 years) that you miss.
2.Write 8-10 things that you disliked about childhood.
3.Tag a few people.

Hard to write about age 1 - 12 years..but I guess I have managed pretty well to keep out the memories after around class 8th..

What I miss about my childhood

1. The long summer vacations, when cousins used to come and stay for more than a month... 2 months of masti..think of it now.. 2 free months...hardly possible anytime in future.

2. Cricket on the porch: well, the porch has been the field since class 1...that is what 18 years can't say I miss it, because I still play here.

3. Going to school on Cycle: Guess a cycle is a symbol of freedom in younger days. I enjoyed going to school - under hot sun, or in rain wearing a raincoat or in the fog in winters on the Hero Ranger with straight handles ;)

4. Aluminum foil Ball - I kept it for a long time after school time also. it was such a master piece. made out of aluminum foil of each day's lunch, it took a long time to bring it to the shape it was. Lots of "catch-um-catch" was played with it.

5. Trump Cards- they were a rage - weren't they? Started with 30 cards one and later some 200 cards or something. Bret Hitman Hart(rank 2) was the fav. Hulk Hogan - rank 1. Yokozuna - heaviest. Giant Gonzalves - tallest.

6. Chacha Chaudhary - guess have read most of the comics of the guy whose mind was faster than a computer. (Don’t know if it can compete with today’s Core 2 duo's) and his companion whose anger resulted in a volcano being erupted somewhere.

7. Chuppan-Chupayi - "the boundary is from here to here".. "do a pugan ka pugata" ... "go and give the den" " i am coming"... "ayis-pyss.. dhappa".. Nice game.. isn't it??

8. The excitement before bursting crackers on diwali... hurrying through the pooja... and then rushing to light the 'phuljhadi', ‘anaar’, ‘charakhdi’ etc

9. Studying in the car during winters.. it was my fav place to study even in college.. chilly days, bright sunshine with the car trapping all the heat inside.. if you want you can also put on light music... and after lunch can sleep sound on the back seat..

10. Sleeping under the sky in summers.. the thought of it is itself exciting ..isn't it... today, you cant sleep if the AC is not there!!!

What I disliked about childhood

1. The frequent trips to the dentist.. I don’t know how many of my teeth have been uprooted and how many hours I have sat under that small operating light..

2. Sanskrit - I dont know how I got 98 marks in sanskrit...and I dont know how I learnt those 'pathti, pathsi, pathanti'

3. Drawing, Music and Craft classes - never been my forte - in the last SUPW(craft) class I managed a C, I guess..And my fight with colors has been historic...but the drawing did help later..a mechanical engineer has engg drawing almost all 4 years..though we have drafters and all to do it.. but sometimes you had to do those in 5 minutes, sitting in canteen without even a scale.. may be the drawing classes of school did help there.

4. Writing long Hindi essays as HHW - Holiday HomeWork during summer vacations. That was a pain..

Like Fleiger, I am also forced to stop here as can't think of any more dislikes..

Whom I am going to tag

Any one willing to go down memory lane...


KT said...

wow that HHW was a complete surprise... although my brother won't admit.. because he often made me do the entire research for the homework and finish it lot earlier.... and i had to slog later..

guess that makes it lot worse... isn't it ??

chalo someday will complete all tags..

Anonymous said...

well i literally went down the memory lane.. even now whenever there is a momentary power failure in ofice.. the memory of those 'i-spy' games flashes across my eyes. All the children in our street used to come out during power failures and would play the game.

Well holiday homework never made sense to me. Why work in holidays..

Amey said...

Now that's what I call quick response. By the way, if you finish tags in order to get rid of them, let me tell you that quick response makes me send more tags your way :)

Anyways, nice one... I forgot trump cards. And "Risk" didn't make the list as I had to limit it at 10 points.

Is it me or did we have a very good, "nice-boy" childhood? We didn't have 8 things which we hated for entire 12 year period? Maybe I should start the teenage years tag, that would make many people write many things they hated.

SiD said...

@KT: clever brother you have... and researching without wikipedia and google - tough times they were ;)

@Tarun: exactly... HHW didnt make any sense.. i guess it was a way to complete some part of the syllabus without teaching! ;)

@fleiger: guess we did have a 'nice-boy' childhood ;)
and I didnt do it to get 'rid' of it.. this one was fun to do.. and I am here to take everything you send across ..

"RISK" ??????

Amey said...

Hmm... I would like to read some spoilt child's tag ;) BTW, Silverine did come up with 8 points there...

Risk is a board game where you are supposed to conquer the world. We used to play it for hours at a time.

SiD said...

@fleiger: Will go through Silverine's tag..

ok. It was Business for us.. in which you had to conquer - not the world..but well.. India.. earn money, buy cities, build hour houses, factories etc..
and to revive things we played this on the nyt out after our last exam in college.

Anonymous said...

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