Sunday, December 17, 2006

Celebrations @ Infy

It was 25 year celebration time at Infy, Chandigarh. The celebrations had started in a grand way at Mysore. And they have moved on across all DC’s. Chandigarh DC being a small DC, had been allocated a lesser budget.(May be even lesser than what we used to have in college annual functions). So where we had KK at Mysore, Shaan at Hyderabad, Sonu Nigam at Bangalore, it was lesser known Parikarma here. May be it was the main reason I and may be many others were not very excited about it. Still my friends and I were there on time to witness the celebrations. And it was a rare occasion where the Chief Guest, Mr. K. Dinesh, one of the founders of Infy, arrived before everybody else. It was real sad to see the event having been poorly organized. The stage was there only for the Parikarma. The other performers, who were instrumental in balancing the affect of poor organization, had to showcase themselves on the same ground level as audience. ‘Daris’ were put on at the last moment (in fact after the scheduled start time) and that too sporadically. I imagine, the performers, many of them who performed bare feet, must have had a real tough time in the freezing cold out there.
Another goof up happened, when the announcement was made about a Bhangra performance but the participants were no where to be seen. It was a goof up which can be a part of any big event such as these. But it brought forth a chink in the armor of the Anchors. The male anchor, seemingly poorly prepared was absolutely out of sorts and confused about what was happening all around. His female counterpart was, thankfully, a saving grace.
Things started improving once the performances started. The Bhangra which as the DC head also later pointed out is generally the last to be performed, rocked and made up for the awkward situation that had been created earlier. After the performances, it was time for some speeches by the DC Head and K. Dinesh. The small crowd was not interested in the stuff that was being said but Mr. Dinesh showed why he is there at the head of a colossal company. In few minutes he was able to catch the attention of the audience with his captivating stories which he and his colleagues had experienced on the journey to make Infy where it is now.
Parikarma followed after that to a rousing welcome but I guess they didn’t had the appeal to keep the audience in front of them. They belong to a particular genre of music that is rock and I guess that didn’t match with the taste of majority of the audience. We just had the appetite for 2 songs after which we went inside the food court to satisfy our other appetite. The food I must say was excellent, though we enjoyed it more because we were the first ones to start. The ones coming later had to stand in long queues which incidentally have become a standard in Infosys. The bad start was brightly and colorfully compensated at the end of the show. As all of us were heading were heading to our vehicles, the street lights suddenly went off and there was an extended display of fireworks lighting up the night sky – thus ending a rather average day with a feel good factor.


Yukthesh Jalali said...

Yaar yeh mujhe samaj mein nahi aatah ki DC ke size ke hisaab se paihe batna mujhe thik nahi lagta.. Yaar kharcha band waalo ko dene ke liye toh har jagah ek jaisa hi hona chahiye.

Ek aur gal dus, hostess was the only saving grace ka ki matlab hai tera..

KT said...


well as far as I know, Parikrama is a famous Indian rock band... atleast in Delhi and NCR circle.. have heard that it is called for most college rock shows in delhi and NCR...

anyways I think poor planning and shoddy mgmt wud have created chaos and that wud have spoiled the fun...

Cuckoo said...

I fully agree with KT. Parikrama is a famous band for most college shows.

Ha Ha.. and I also want to know what Yukthesh has asked about the hostess. Hun dasso ji :P

Anonymous said... the hell u can forget another bright point of the of the night "Me receiving a momento....."..:):):).... Well friends I dont know what bedi thinks but the female anchor was really the saving grace. She looked like an experienced anchor and had good command over language and was aware about the situation. Except Bhangra and dinner, everything was shabby to say the least.

Flyaway Mind said...

hmmm an infy tale..the snap initially gave me the impression that it was a rocking party.anyway the food was awesome.. afterall it's one of the most crucial stuff :))))

SiD said...

@yukhthesh and cuckoo: what i mean by the female anchor being the saving grace means, as Tarun said, she controlled the situation to a certain extent...and was aware of the situation unlike her male counterpart who was totally lost!!!

@KT and cuckoo: parikarma may be a famous band... but i thot it was not an ocaasion for rock as most of the people dont enjoy rock...had he mixed rock with some other normal stuff, it could have been enjoyable.. but the fact that he was not able top hold the audience, tells about the failure!!!

@flyaway mind: yes, the food was good but unfortunately not many could enjoy the deliciousness!! ;)