Monday, December 04, 2006

How does this happen?

I don’t know it is me only or it happens with many people.
When you ‘plan’ and tell a lie, that lie unbelievably comes true.
An incident a few days back triggered this post. And I have experienced it many times but I can’t recall them. Some of the incidents I remember are:

1. The most recent one: I had ordered a Dell laptop Online. But due to some misunderstanding between Dell and my bank, the order was delayed to be sent into production. The salesman said that it will be delivered around 10th Dec. I told him that I had to travel around 5th Dec so to please expedite the process and make the delivery at the earliest. It was a lie but to my utter disbelief, my manager said on Friday(1st Dec) that I had to travel to Mumbai on 5th (exactly same date!!!!) for a couple of days to implement something on client side. There was no travel for me on the radar and now out of the blue this happened.

2. Another one I can remember is when I had to come to Chandigarh for my convocation from Mysore. In the excitement of coming, I left Mysore for Bangalore quite early whereas I could have taken a later train and made it on time comfortably. My PL called on phone asking where I was. So I lied that my flight had been rescheduled and it was departing a bit early so had to come soon. What a poor excuse – always it is flights and trains getting delayed. Never heard of flight being early. But unbelievingly, I got a sms a few minutes later that the flight had been pre-poned – not much but by around 15 – 20 minutes. And I was requested to reach the airport accordingly.

3. Another one. Once in class 12th I was late for tuition. I thought I will tell the teacher that my scooter got punctured. And the next moment I see my scooter wobbling. It was like – No!!!! How is this possible… I didn’t make it to the tuition ultimately.

There are many more which I can’t remember but I have surely experienced. It is still something to ponder for me – that how is such a thing possible. Now please don’t say that it is God who is listening to what lie I said and He made the lie a truth. If that happens, then the thousands of false promises made by politicians should also come true. ;)


Unknown said...

mera to bad luck hi kharab hai...
mere saath bhi aisa hota hai...par hamesha for bad hi hota hai ji...

maine kaha ki : "i am having fever, and i cant come..."
and lo ji mujhe fever ho gaya...

par aaj tak kabhi bhi aisa nahi hua...
"yaar bedi wo ladki mere girf fren hai"
aur dusre din wo meri bahon mein ho ;)
sun raha hai tu BHAGVAAN..koi karishma dikha...


NehaPandey said...

Hmm.. For my case I would say its the other way round. If I tell people abt significant things of my life.. they never happen!! So I believe in tellin people things only when once 100% confirmed.
As per the examples you have given lemme think of some instances.. or is it that I never Lie ;).. like this time ;)

Amey said...

In my case, such things happen to my friends. If I say I got a flat tire, my friend will call me and tell me to pick him up after one or two days (yes, there is some delay involved).

SiD said...

@rompy: o kake.. thand rakh..tereko kunwara nah marne doonga. DJ da promise..

@neha: well.. the case you have mentioned also happens many times...have to think abt some instances of that... and be aware next time you lie... something may happen...(i am sounding like those fwds.. pass on this mail to 15 ppl else smthing bad will happen)

@Fleiger: request you to write a post everytime you lie.. this way ur friends can become careful!!! ;)

Cuckoo said...

LOLLL SiD.. right, we need to be careful when Fleiger says something. :P

Well, I don't remember anything of this sort happening with me.
Yes, those fwds... I just don't believe them. They go directly go to trash. Instead off late been getting such fwds on my cell also!!

Off Topic - Next post ?? Mumbai ?? Waiting eagerly. :))