Wednesday, January 17, 2007


As I digged into the archives to find an old mail, I came across a variety of signatures which I have used in my mails. Stark contrasts mark the signatures 2 years ago and now... A small collection of them with commentary by the Signature itself..

Big.. Bold.. Colourful.. Confident.. Excited….. yes I have finally stepped in the big bad world.. I am not afraid of anything as I proudly ignore the impossibilities…

Some months into the job.. lots of work has sobered me up… so a little less loud.. less bold… and did you notice – that extension number has gone.. I hate any one calling when I am working (specially the PL calling with more work).. The email has come up – just mail me.. I will check it(or ignore it) when I get time… but still the impossibilities are out!!!

The Fonts are to a bare minimum now….Though I want people to know more about me.. but it shouldn’t be much evident…. But my thoughts are clearly on display – in the conspicuous Red… Thankyou’s and regard’s are out.. I don’t give a damn about it.

I have stopped thinking… so the thoughts go out…There is no excitement and color in life… I am dull and boring… just carrying on with my routine life…. A tinge of blue here and there says you are still living…

Finally… why the address.. is anyone going to post you love letters.???
Why the company name and IBU name… everyone inside the company knows where you work.. and the ones outside won’t understand what PLES, PLM means anyway!!
I have matured enough… The regards are back… and only necessary info is provided..

Just had a look at what I was 2 years ago… Aawww… How stupid I looked….
I wonder how I will look some years from now.. hope I don’t grow old… but guess I change with the changing life of the user…


Unknown said...

Thinking about our past exp with e tech, i cant help but mentioning about


Unknown said...

gr8 Signs Sid

KT said...

hmmm I see them like this

Sig1: The Infy part is coming out loud so you've put it like your USP (for airhostesses et al :p)

Sig2: The infy part is not so visible just your name and the thoughts.. you now realise its nothing gr8 to be an infoscion

Sig3: Infy part has shrunk and only if one cares to read all the details, shud one know that you are in infy... but this sig is bit more professional

Sig4: This is rather the most professional one...

Sig5: Now you don't want anyone to know abt infy...

KT said...

Waise I was wondering what if I write a similar post... my initial signature were just simple plain fonts and then came the image-signature and it hasn't changed for the past 1-1.5 years... just some colour and size changes....

but guess what I still love it... I have put the image-signature in my gmail as well as yahoo a/c's.

Recently Srini was also admiring the same and so did folks@UK so I am sticking to it (refusing to show my maturity in the signature)

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm Quite colourful you were initially !! And now a lot matured. :)

I agree with blitz. Treat my comment as copy/paste. ;)

One thing that is not changed is your cell no. :P

Nice post. A different with a thought. I won't be able to have such post. Mine is always "Regards and Name". Too professional ? ;)

SiD said...

@rompy: hahaha.. kya zamana tha vo bhi

@sandeep: thanks

@Blitz: hmm.. may be a corrrect analysis.. MAY be ;)
and yes.. who can forget ur sig.. hope many still wonder where do u get that K's and T's from... :)

@cuckoo: well i dont know abt me but the signature has indeed matured ;)

The cell number of 2 years has finally changed now.. after I came to chandigarh

and btw these were the official signatures.. there were some unofficial also.. they were much more colorful..:)

Chetan said...

Good one Sid, You have done a very good analysis of your signatures. It was fun resding the blog.

SiD said...

@chetan bhai: thanks :)

Keshi said...

Intresting arent they!


SiD said...

@keshi: I found them amusing seeing them after 2 years :)

Anonymous said...

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