Saturday, January 27, 2007

vo Raat..

From the archives
here comes one of my creations..

Vo 6 kitabein aur unhe pakde vo narm hath
Vo chehre par pyara sa bholapan aur saadgi uske saath
Vo jhuki jhuki palkeinLe gayi mera dil halke halke
Badlon ne bhi Dekhi hamari pehli mulakat
Aur baras kar bhigo di vo Raaat

Phir badi hamari mulakatein
Bhole nahi bhoolti vo meethhi batein
Kiya usse ek din apne pyar ka izehar
Aur kiye jeene marne ke vaade hazaar
Badlon ne bhi Suni hamari pyar bhari baat
Aur baras kar bhigo di vo Raaat

Phir vo din bhi aaya
Jab juda hua mujhse mera saya
Itna hi tha saath hamara
Bichda humse pyar hamara
Badlon ne bol di toote dil ki baat
Aur baras kar bhigo di vo Raat


Cuckoo said...

Now that's something. Is this your first poetry in Hindi?

Vo jhuki jhuki palkeinLe gayi mera dil halke halke Kya Baat Hai. :D

Lovely creation. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

lagta hai aaj tu ne senti karne ka poora prog banaya hua hai...pehle wo video aur ab ye poem....
too gud...
"from the archives" - - - ye kab likhi thi time bataoge...
then i can relate ki ye kiske liye likhi gayi hai ;)

SiD said...

@cuckoo: thanks.. that is not my first poetry in hindi.. this is the more recent ones...
actually I saw ur hindi creation and thought.. well i have quite a few in my kitty.. why not expose them and get some appreciation.. hhahahaha

@rompy: saale...isse kaise bhool sakta hai... tune hi to inspire kiya tha... idea diya tha, specially iski start ka!! yaad aaaya..

Anonymous said...

hey sid,
I guess i finally learnt how to handle this system..once again you were right mr. G :)

cool one yaar! tu to sacch main shayar nikal hero...:)keep up the gud work!

KT said...

hmm... well the most I like abt the poem is the last two lines...

elsewhere the cloud thing goes fine ... but here they gel so well and the whole last stanza has come out awesome...

but knowing your prowess for poems, I am not surprised by this one. Good as usual...

SiD said...

@anon(anu): Thanks.. u finally got it!!:)

@KT: as far as i remember, The whole poem was changed to add the raat effect after writing the last para!!! initially it had different endings to each one!! :)

Unknown said...

wt if i say i hv fallen fr ya after readin ths;)..u rock sidhi..