Monday, October 29, 2007


As usual tagged by Fleiger ...
The 5 tag...

5 things in your room
I look around.. The things that I can call mine are:
  1. A Bed besides the window with a pillow and some clothes which are on the chair when I am on the bed and vice versa.
  2. A chair with a pillow – not much difference between chair and bed. Sometimes I use it for sleeping also..
  3. A Table with lots of things – Laptop, headphones, notebooks, files, pen drive, water, biscuits, my friend’s ipod (which I am using these days)– these are some things I can see presently.
  4. A basket to dump in all the to-be-washed clothes. They get transferred to the washing machine when the basket starts overflowing or the almirah looks empty.
  5. An almirah with clothes, textbooks, untouched biscuit and namkeen packets, a box of washing powder, CD folders etc etc

5 things in my Bag
  1. Laptop with Charger
  2. Notebooks. These days I am experimenting with one for each subject (back to school)
  3. A diary – to manage the future manager..(all to-do items that remain to-do everyday are noted there!!!!)
  4. A newspaper – which once goes in, comes out at night and directly to ‘radddi’
  5. Miscellaneous things like Library card, Calculator, Pens etc

5 things in my Wallet
  1. Cash and coins – the core value of the wallet
  2. Debit and credit cards – 2 each to be precise (have not kept all of them in wallet ;))
  3. Driving license
  4. Few Passport size photos
  5. Some miscellaneous papers which I am throwing off now.

Any one interested can take up the tag..

Had some Pics of my room at Chandigarh.. thought they might be of some relevance here..
These show how different the room looked in my college and while I was working..

The 2 walls during college days...

The difference in the environs from the same angles 3 -4 years later..


Amey said...

Biscuits and namkeen in multiple places, exchangeable use of bed and chair... This was what I was talking about.

Where are all the posters?

Cuckoo said...

Now what you have described is a typical guy's room.. what I have been seeing thruout my life.
The ones in pictures are of an organized guy's room... the types we always WANT to see. Neat & clean.

Please notice the Caps. :)

The two shots tells us the transformation you had over the period.

Cuckoo said...

And yes, posters are missing. We would like to see the further transformation. ;)

Unknown said...

o mast wali...

Unknown said...

lo ji i accept the tag ji..

SiD said...

@fleiger: My room including the posters were dismantled a day before I left for Infosys, Hyderabad...the room was again up when I returned 2 years later.. but the posters didn't.... i went for a more cleaner, sophisticated look this time .;)
i am yet to see how the room looks like now after I have come to Mumbai...

@cuckoo: well, everyone wants posters !! chakkar kya hai yaar..
btw there was a third wall belonging to cricketers (sachin to be specfic) in the room too..
and caps hahahaha.. i have never worn them in my life.. for a year they stayed where they are in the foto..

@rompy: gudd hai vai.. kaafi foto kheench rahe ho.. aata hun main.. poora portfolio banvata hun..

Amey said...

Hmm... so did you grow up or is it a case of changing loyalties? ;)