Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Idea

I must admit that I find the recent Idea ads unwatchable. Some like the one where the girl in the parking lot is wondering why her billing is so high is simply illogical and I feel giving a tight one to her. Add to it a hollow attitude/arrogance that Abhishek Bachchan shows. He seems to have come straight out of the Shahrukh Khan School of Overacting.

But the paradox is that the tagline is catchy. In normal life there are actually times when you say 'no idea' or something to that effect. And that 'something' is now being increasingly
replaced by 'No Idea' which prompts a reply 'Get idea' by the other person.

There is no doubt that the advertisements have created a strong connect and recall value by the use of a simple, everyday phrase. Just that I still have No Idea why the 'Sir ji' is such full of himself.

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