Wednesday, May 10, 2006

When Shall I see the Dawn

So many Roads to go on
But the destination eludes..
Which road is correct
‘I don’t know!!’, my mind concludes

Roads and roads , here and there
Some don’t open their gates
Others end in a dark way
It is testing the limits but my mind waits.

More roads I See
I try to take some steps forward
And find pebbles called uncertainty
Cant get thru them if the mind acts coward

A Light shows up somewhere
It urges me to carry on
Yet again another mirage
When shall I see the Dawn?


TyphoonTanny said...

Oh my god...!!! I am impressed...

I think u need a profession change dude.... awesome use of the keyboard ;)

Amrut said...

Soon man .. Soon you will see the dawn.. B.E.A.Utiful poem!!! Explains so many things about what I am doing now!!! Good work!!

KT said...

well I had to read it whole... because you know this mirage thing is very same thing... which I have written in my diary about....

well I wrote about..HOPE.. continuing from Shawshank Redemption...that HOPE "definitely is a good thing but something it might kill you, burn you to ashes and finally whole effort wasted just like a deer caught in a might see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep moving when there may be none..."
lagta hai apni soch kaafi milti hai ...
I don't generally read the poems but this one was good..