Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Year Gone by

The practice of capturing all special moments is in practice for long....
But now with mobile cameras and 'aam pappad' sized digi cams, we are capable of clicking any time anywhere..
so instead of capturing special moments,here I am trying to make captured moments special..
There had to be a blog on new year...and as I was picass'ing thru all the last year photos, I realized I had at least one photograph for every month.. hence the idea of this blog...

A 50 hour journey in the terrifying cold of January in a sleeper class – I am a brave person.
A One Day trip to Shimla with Rompy.

Early morning Gym Sessions and in between, cricket sessions.

HOLI Hai!!!! A fun filled, enjoyable, long and at the end of the day a tiring Holi celebrations

Guitar Josh – joined Guitar classes for a month, learnt some basics. Here part display of guitar talent and part display of dolle sholle..

Guitar fever down. Squash fever up… A very exhausting but excellent game…the Dumb Bells at Gym were replaced by the squash racquets…and the results were excellent.

Home Coming. Transferred back to Chandigarh. Back to jogging amid the beautiful surroundings of lake. The evenings are always amazing here.

To Hyderabad, officially this time and for 15 – 20 days rather than the 2 day trip which I made in June from Mysore.

Shifted to new Infy Building in Chandigarh. The sporadic monsoon rains were more frequent now – spreading greenery all around

A trip to the ancestral village. Got to drive on NH1 towards Amritsar – India has really excelled in making good highways. Eye pleasing views at the village.

Holiday month. Dusshera, Diwali. Coming together of friends, party. Trip to Kasauli. Mini World Cup comes to Chandigarh. Saw the likes of Brett Lee and McGrath in action for the first time.

Part of Rural Reach Program in creating awareness about computers in village schools.

New laptop arrives.
A New Year Dawns in Shimla. Here lying besides the warmth of a fireplace at Vishesh's home


SiD said...

tension lena ka nahi.. dena ka mamu...kya!

vaise context samajh nahi aaya

KT said...

waise to vishesh ki baat thodi thodi sahi hai ... tune apne aap ko hero bana rakha hai pure blog mein ....

log soch rahe honge ki kya stud hai... har ek mahine mein ek naya josh ... been there done that...!!

Cuckoo said...

Nice way to capture the year. Also, it helped me knowing what all you've written in the past (yet to read all your posts).. can go directly to the post now.

Happy New Year !!

SiD said...

@bhai KT: ab mera blog.. meri post.. stud main... to fer hero bhi main hi hunga na.. kyu!!!
yeh bhi keh sakte hain ki kishen kumar hamesha gulshan kumar productions mein hi ho sakta hai... to matlab main hero yahin , apne blog mein hi ho sakta hun... hahahahahahah

@cuckoo: Thanks.... and yes good point that you have made.. have written about almost all things mentioned here!! :)

Unknown said...

kaamaal hi hogi ji....eennniiii masti...

Unknown said...

Gr8 Moments
Should have football world Cup in June
Any way U r having gr8 time in ur Home

How is ur laptop ??

Anonymous said...

it's nice 2 see that u enjoyed a lot during last year...
May god brings a lot of happiness in your life ;)

N ur all wishes come true!!

cheers ..

Anonymous said...

Dude,.. wanna impress somebody now.. just send this blog...:):)..

yeh hi right time hai.. yeh blog padh ke..hmm dekh ke... they(....gals) are gonna drool over

SiD said...

@rompy:pata hi hai ji 'aapko'... adhi photos mein to 'aap' bhi saath hi hain..

@sandeep: Football WC - well I am a bigger fan of cricket u know!! so a mini WC of cricket is more imp than a WC of football. ;)

@Anonymous: Here I have only out the happy moments of 2006.. shud I put the hard moments.. the list will be much longer !!!
The memories shud be of good moments. ryt?

@Anon 2: DOnt want to impress any one!! guess this is just an attempt to Log my life...:)

Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Good your interests are trully varied. But are yu sure the road to NH1 is good. is it as good as the Ambala to Delhi route.

Anyways good collection

NehaPandey said...

Nicely captured memories. Made me think what I had been doing the thru out 2006. Quite some competetion I can give you I think.. :)
Have a rocking 2007 again.. will look forward to more writeups from you!!!

Yukthesh Jalali said...

Acha laga hume yeh mail.. Pasand aaya.. Hum bhi hai josh mein... Aasha karta hoon ki yeh saal pichle saal se bhi jyaada acha jaaye.

SiD said...

@santosh: yes.. the road is simply superb there....i remember some years ago, that road used to be full of potholes.. but now the change has been dramatic.

@neha: thanks again for visiting the blog.. hope u will keep doing in 2007 ;)

and ya.. waiting for the competition!!!

@YJ: thanks phaji..same to you!!! :)