Monday, April 24, 2006

What a (Sun) DAY !!!

It was a long week – last one. Saturday being working – it had become a 6 day week for us.
But Sunday turned out to be funday.
Started normally. KT left early for his match. Rest of us lazily got up at 11.00. Customary turning on television, reading newspaper etc followed.
Around 12.00, as rats crawled over the tummies of some celebrities in a reality TV show, some of the imaginary rats starting abusing us inside our tummies too. Shopping time - I got bread, cheese and eggs. As Mayur washed some utensils and Akash snored, I made some scrambled egg.
A sandwich made out of cheese and scrambled eggs was made and gulped down. Stomach’s prayers were answered.
some more of lazing around, then KT came back and it was decided to go to a movie – Hum ko dewana Kar Gaye. Bought upper stall tickets in Black to see a most worthless, crap movie full of unending songs, poor flow and unrelated situations and unnecessary scenes.

Somehow managed to pass the 3 hours – sometimes closing eyes, sometimes lying on the uncomfortable chair and at last leaving 10 minutes early.
It was 5 and the strike in stomach which had been temporarily put off was out again. Pizza Hut was the answer. Treat for 4 in Rs 300 and we marched towards Infy.
Artificial wall climbing time. Had done it 4 -5 times in past at Hyderabad but it was first time in Mysore. The height was around 20 ft more than hyd but it was much easier here. Did it in around 5 minutes.

Now it was time for another first timer – Squash. Liked it instantly. Though a very tiring game but it was fun. After several rounds of practice and losing to Akash(9-0), I fought back to beat Mayur and KT. And then gave a good fight to Akash in the last game. But by then I was too tired.
So headed to the steam bath and then a shower. Spent some time relaxing pool side deciding on where to have dinner. A lavish day had to end in a lavish way. So it was a buffet at a 5 star restaurant which came out as the result of discussions. The buffet was excellent and the desserts were super excellent. The fact that despite desperately wanting to eat Gulab Jamun, I didn’t eat them describes how the tummies were full. You have to do it when you are paying Rs 300 for a dinner. The variety included an assortment of salads, fish, mutton roganjosh, pasta, munchurian, paneer and 6 kinds of desserts. Had them all except Gulab Jamun.
It was time to retreat back to our abodes therafter ending an exhausting day with another round of TV…


Amrut said...

Your writing is getting polished day after day!!!

KT said...

well it was really a very active day.... I mean fielding 20 overs in cricket match with minor bruises and then braving HDKG...then rushing immediately to Rock climbing wall and then summoning the remaining energy @ squash court and finally rushing off to Southern Star where I overfed my tummy thinking of letting this deal of buffet@250 bucks a loss!! uff it was really a day....

never been more active than this... still limping from over-exercise :))