Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Needless Controversies

“Infosys chief under fire for remark on national anthem”
“Narayana Murthy's Remark on Anthem Rocks Assembly"
“Murthy sorry for 'insulting' anthem”

This is the one of the ‘top story’ of the news hungry media today.
Members of Karnataka legislative assembly are calling NRN ‘Anti-National’. Well, if he is Anti - national then kindly find me a pro-national person in this proud country of ours.
People who have insulted and keep on insulting our country day in and day out, accuse some one of playing the instrumental version of national anthem and not play the words. Please someone ask them if they remember the anthem themselves. Do our nation’s leaders even know the meaning of the words of Tagore??
Next they have quoted NRN as saying that it was done for employees from other countries. The intention here, as NRN pointed out was to make everyone sing the anthem. Creating controversy out of a non-issue seems to have become the hobby of the Indian Media. If 5 lines are said, only 2 which have the ‘potential’ are published. Any media person should think twice – may be thrice to write in a derogatory way about people like NRN or for that matter Sachin Tendulkar (who was also dragged in a similar row of national flag cake).
Really, Are we short of issues of national importance that we concentrate so much on these small small things.
I also wrote in the previous blog about Vishwanathan Anand getting just 10 lines for his enormous feat. Positive news gets 10 lines – 1 day. And a negative report like NRN’s or Sachin’s which has no purpose being in the news in the first place will hog the limelight for days. Interviews will be taken, unnecessary apologies, may be a bandh in Karnataka.
NRN’s stand on other issues will be brought up – his stand on Cauvery or his comments on poor infrastructure in Bangalore. These things don’t surprise me any more. It is a normal routine. It will be followed.
I will repeat a dialogue from ‘Guru’ for NRN –
When people start throwing bricks at you, it means that you are progressing.


Tarun said...

U r rt Sid...The 24/7 news channels are just trying to create news out of any and everyting. Other day I was seeing those news about the Sachin's cake incident. The news reader was looking desperate to handover some punishment to Sachin.. He was not looking like somebody trying to create awareness about National Flag.

Amrut said...

The state of affairs is pathetic... Always one is misquoted and dragged into unwanted controversies... Our beloved president went on to say that NRN should be the next president... Now how can the insenstive media make a big fuss about something that was said in some other context... I jsut dont understand... If you have been following the diff controversies bloated in the media and the interviews which go on, you notice that the words the media wants to print are either fed into the person's mouth or somehow paraphrased to make it spicy!!! Journalists r supposed to show facts and not there views about it... Bolte hai na.. THUSSNA... That is what is done with the words so that it can be bloated... Pink journalism sucks man...

Anonymous said...

All said & Done Narayana Murthy is a reckless misguided mental patient to do such a thing.
He is yearning fo rthe Top post & this is a give away!
Arrest HIM to teach all!

SiD said...

@anonymous: What do you want to teach?
Though I dont believe that he is yearning to get the post.. but even if he is.. What's the harm?
And what is a give away? Is he trying to create a controversy?
Does the person having most controversies sure shot to get the post?
And what for should he be arrested?

For starters, Let's have answers to these..

@Sri: I fully agree with you!!