Saturday, March 31, 2007

The 100th One!!

Remember me??? I met you 6 months ago on my first birthday... Ya I am this blog...
Today, I have come to celebrate another milestone - I have gained huge amount of weight specially in the last 6 months.
It was 50 on my birthday in September. Now its 100.. Not completely hundred though.. it was 99 some seconds back.. but as I eat up these words, it is slowly being turned to 100..
So what is the special treat I am giving you this time around??
Considering my owner Sid, may have to deal with lots of numbers and graphs in near future, so he has asked me to have a stats treat this time. This is some info about myself which I have collected going through my personal diary of last 1.5 years. Also I took some help from my friend Google Analytics (I befriended him around 6 months back.) I would like to say a special thanks to my friend Microsoft Excel (This MS Excel and Google Analytics are not on good terms with each other but I managed help from both of them as it was a special day for me). So not wasting more time.. here are some statosas (I can't eat samosas you know!!)

Month Wise Distribution of Blogs

Top 5 Categories of Posts

(Poetry=10, College=8, Travel=8, Cricket=7, Tags=6)

Top 5 Cities from which Hits have been received

(Bangalore=574, Bombay=221, Durham=166, Madras=103, Chicago=56)

  • Highest Number of Posts in a month (since Sept'05): 14 (in Aug'06)
    Lowest Number of Posts in a month since Sept'05): 1 (in Sept'05 and March'06)
    Average Posts per Month: 5.56

    Number of Posts in 12th month = 14 and Number of Posts in March'07 = 10.
    Hence, whenever a milestone (Birthday + 50 posts and 100 Posts respectively) is nearing the Number of Posts in that month see a considerable surge.

  • Total Number of Comments Till Date on 99 Blogs: 694.
    Highest for any Single Post: 28
    Lowest for any Single Post: 0
    Assuming that this post manages 6 more comments that would make the average 7 CPP (Comments Per Post)

  • Number of Page Views (since Sept, 2006): 3562
    Number of Visits (since Sept, 2006): 2341
    Average Page Views/ Visit: 1.52 P/V

    Highest Number of Page Views in a Single Day: 89

  • Wanted to see the average number of Words Per Post but its 3 AM now plus there are 100 posts... Not feasible...

There are many more like Visitor Loyalty, Depth of Visit, Duration of Visit etc etc available on analytics but I would stop here..

I would like to Thank all my Readers for coming here, reading me, appreciating me, giving me gifts(comments) both offline and online and encouraging my owner to write more.. Hope to continue having your company as I grow older and heavier ;)

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Amey said...

Are "congrats" in order for turning the dial to 100? If yes... Congrats!!!

And let me be the one to say that I will probably top the highest visits per person chart ;)

SiD said...

@fleiger: Thanks...I have no doubt that you will be topping the charts ;)
Moreover you have been the one from where I have been learning about the google analytics and stuff like that..
Thanks again for that...

Anonymous said...


Amey said...

Hmm...Thanku thanku :D

Your "college" series is going fine, looks like... So is Poetry.

Anonymous said...

hey Mr SG: you have already started becoming stud in stats n related stuff...wait dude...there are still two more mnths to go :)he he!!

neways congrats Mr Blog!! 'bhagwan kare ki aapke owner ki chatrchaya main aap aise hi flourish karte rahe'!!

Amrut said...

Hey dude... Out of the world...Your daddy must be proud of you... Good luck dude and ask your dad to feed you more...
You will look more beautiful when fatter!!!

Anonymous said...

Good sidzzz..keep blogging!!

SiD said...

@All.. thanks a lot.. yes.. i will keep blogging ;)

Cuckoo said...

Heyy Congrats on completing 100th posts. May this blog sees several 10000s more posts. :))

Nice analysis. I think I should also start using Google Analytics. I am still in learning phase.

Ha Ha.. your blog speaks very beautifully. I'll have to teach this also. ;)

Keep blogging.

SiD said...

Thanks Cuckoo!!
me too have not explored analytics completely.. u shud try it - for funsake atleast!!

NehaPandey said...

Hey Blog,

Mate you' ve really grown.. we have seen you growing. You maturing and you still interesting. You turning as techie as you cud (google analyzer n stuff) Keep going on.. We hope to see you growin each day for better.. U've been part of us!! We love you.
Happy Birthday Blog


SiD said...

@Neha: Thanks a ton for visiting, reading, commenting and appreciating!!
It is bcoz of you guys that the blog has come where it has...

one small correction though - it is not blog's birthday.. just celebrating the completion of 100 blogs :)

NehaPandey said...

:(( okkk What shud i wish then.. happy annivesary blog.. :)) Thanks for visiting my blog. I didnr expect though. i just wrote wrote.. n wrote ..crap na

SiD said...

hehhe.. you can say Happy Century ;)
Your blog is added on my Google reader list so I know whenever it is updated!!
and I don't think it is crap.. just some random thoughts going on in mind.. in fact writing it down gives them more clarity!!

NehaPandey said...

ohhh!!! How in the world i cudnt guess tht. You too fast mate!!