Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LTA Part VI - Laugh Riot

More and More suggestions are coming from friends to write about ‘that’ incident and ‘that one’ also.. some more of starting a quiz specific to Mechies-04 quizzing about certain incidents. In this 6th part I wanted to write something positive – where we actually studied something in the class, about some good prof’s who made us learn something. But I guess this has to come later as there are some more important issues to be documented first.

This was our group – the group name is hard to disclose here. Let's call it the 'B' group. It included Chunnu, Kunnu, Singal, Thakur and me. In this particular incident Keeda (meaning Bug) was also there – infact not there!!
We had a Subject DI (Seminar and Deptt Instructions) in which we were required to give seminars on some topic – as a group. The B group was scheduled to give it on the 2nd or 3rd lecture only (at the start of a Sem!!!). On the D-Day we hadn’t prepared a thing. I mean not a single line was written which could be spoken. Moreover, Keeda who was also in our seminar group was absent that day.
We bunked the previous lecture and went to the library to discuss the matter. And that half an hour – 45 minutes is hard to forget for any of us. Sitting on the floor in between the racks of books we started discussing it but the discussion which should have been serious slowly turned into laughter. We laughed at our own insolence, at what we were doing or in this case ‘Not Doing’. We laughed without a care in the world, without thinking what would happen a few minutes later. We thought about the ‘bahanas’ we would make and then laughed at how naïve those excuses were. We thought how the teacher could fail us and then laughed about we will be the first in history of mechanical to be failed in DI.
We laughed so hard that our stomach hurt and tears literally rolled down our eyes. We were doubled up and rolling on that cold library floor uncontrollably.
Well, it had to end sometime and it did around 10 minutes from the lecture time. Singal and I were wearing the same dress – black shirt and off white trousers. So it was decided that we would go to the prof and put all blame on Keeda. That he had all the stuff we had prepared – our speeches, the presentation charts etc. Same formal dress would prove that we had come prepared for the seminar but due to Keeda being absent nothing could be done. So both of us went. Singal told, in near tears, that Keeda had got some Liver problem and that he was admitted in Hospital and couldn’t come (Keeda indeed had some ‘minor’ liver problem). The prof also got senti (his son also had some liver problem). He gave us advice about how to drink lots of water and to tell Keeda to meet him when he comes back. He excused us and told to give seminar later. In the class, he publicly told that “members of the group, who was to give the seminar today, were in near tears as one of their friends is ill and hence they will not be able to give the seminar”.
Well, how Singal brought tears in his eyes I don’t know but the ones I had, if they were there, were because of the 45 minutes laugh riot earlier. I don’t think I have laughed more ever again.

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Ha Ha.. I can understand not to declare the group's name. ;)

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