Monday, March 19, 2007

LTA Part II - Mobiles

Continuing with some more Lecture Time Activities, here are a few mobile related incidents...

  • Teacher ji with all seriousness taking the lecture. I guess he was angry as we had mass bunked last few lectures. So there had been a mild dressing down (not many can afford to give mechies more than a 'mild' dressing down).
    Amongst this slightly tense atmosphere some good fella's mobile rang.. The ringtones were not polyphonic/ mp3 ones in those days... They were shrill and piercing, especially if there is an unordinary silence. So the already incensed lecturer got hotter. The particular fellow was turned out and everyone’s mobile was confiscated and kept on the big table in front of the teacher.
    Now the prof was not going to count the phones on the table, so some of them were still in some pockets. And how in the world is it possible that some idiot has forgotten to turn the phone off before keeping it on the table. I remember it was bhardoo, sitting on the last bench who tried every number in the class. And bingo… soon there was a grrrrrr… on the table followed by a nice hindi song. Few tense seconds, an indication of a slight smile on prof’s face and a big hahahaah from the class..May be it was the fav song of the prof.. or may be he too was reminded of his good ol' college days :)

  • This happened a few days back in my cousin’s class. The times have changed and camera phones have come. In our time we used to draw pictures of prof’s. Now they just click it. A student was caught clicking photos of some classmates who had dozed off during the lecture. His phone was confiscated and the teacher asked him to take it from MLG.. now, non-pecobians wont know who MLG is..well, I would just say he is a typical nightmare for students - specially first yearites. The student pleaded “Ma’am you keep the phone, turn me out of class .. anything but don’t give it to MLG. The phone eventually landed in MLG’s hands and I don’t know what happened to the student but the reason of student pleading is interesting. Guess what was the wallpaper in the phone – a photo of MLG’s bald head – daringly taken by the student in one of the lectures... I salute the Dare Devil !!!

  • It happened during early days of mobile intrusion. After one Tutorial, Mr Chunnu was busy talking to his ‘friend’ just outside the Tutorial room. The teacher(a relatively new one) came and asked everyone who were standing outside to get in the class. Chunnu ji still on his phone. Teacher who was about to take attendance asked Chunnu... no not asked..but pleaded, “Rahul. Ab to class mein aa jao!!”. Normally a person would have switched off his phone, be a bit embarrassed and return to the seat.
    But apne chunnu ji said, “bas sir 5 minute mein aata hun.. aaap attendance to lo” (sir, I will come in 5 minutes. You start taking the attendance”.

  • P.S:
    These short names can be sometimes very mind stressing. A few days ago, it took a combined effort of 2 Man Days from Tarun and me to recall the real name of “brownie”, who was in our class. And quite often you see asking yourself “what was chunnu’s real name.. or Jolly’s real name…or Jindal’s first name?”
    Once Sinha called at my place when I was not there(non mobile days). My mom told that Nipun had called.. For the entire day I kept on thinking who the hell is Nipun..
    Trainnn takes 2-3 calls to respond when someone is calling out Vinod..
    And if you are thinking these are made up things.. you are wrong.. everything is true..Still don't believe me.. Try calling me 'Sidharth' next time !!!!

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Santosh Kumar Sharma said...

Are yu sure his name was MLG and not the better acronym LMG. (Light Machine Gun).

Haan bolo kakke.

Amey said...

I would have thought that many more people would have left their cell phones on in first case ;)

And somebody's bald head as wallpaper? DD indeed...

Planning to make it into a series? (Hint: Do)

SiD said...

@santosh: LOL.... kaka jo ki so hai.. Light nahi Heavy tha jo hai ;)

@fleiger: well the mission phone bajao was abandoned after the first victim as the prof asked everyone to check their fones if they were not off!! ;)
DD: yes indeed a DD.. i couldnt stop laughing when my bro told me...

And got ur hint.. will certainly try to take this forward!!!

NehaPandey said...

 At last, a smile after a hectic day reading these. Mobiles weren’t that widespread then and were leisure. I can recollect guys hiding under seats just to listen a phone call while lecture was on. But yours ones are real cool.
Good episodes. Nice!

Amey said...

Bad luck... looks like the Prof "learnt fast" (and learnt on the job too) ;)

Don't they have better faces (or should I say heads) in his class?

SiD said...

@neha: glad that it could bring a smile to you..
listening to phone in class or talking sitting on first bench was a common things.. so didint include it ;)

@fleiger: bhai prof has passed thru a 'similar' phase if not same.. so he must have been aware of the 'tricks'..
faces - aah... It was a class of mechanical engineering students :)

Chetan said...

Funny blog, enjoyed reading the incidents.


Amey said...

Lucky you... We had 1/2 of such young (and young-at-heart) profs.

It was a class of mechanical engineering students
Gotcha... mech is same everywhere. So expand your field, and go for some inter-departmental friendship ;)

Cuckoo said...

Hi Sidharth, ;)

Ha Ha.. I am still laughing. Excellent post. Maza aa gaya. Each one of the incidents made me laugh out loudly.

I have a cousin appearing for 10 boards this year, will send this link to him. Let him also learn some tricks before he goes to college but even now they are doing many other things like standing/dancing on the bench, cracking some jokes loudly when the poor teacher is trying hard to make students look at the board. And many more.
He says it is all normal, teachers don't scold us..only parents do. ;)

I feel like I am one generation behind. Yes, I second Fleiger's suggestion. Some more please.

SiD said...

@fleiger: hmm... i guess as indicated from the LTA's we enjoyed more in absence of the distractions..:)

@cuckoo: since i published this, everyone is calling me Sidharth :)

and teachers in our times were not like today's..
these days if a teacher hits a student.. the parents lodge a case against the teacher..
that is why they are more lenient.
but now when i think... we enjoyed being turned out of the class...
well that gives an idea of incidents of me being turned out of the class... not many though but still it would be fun writing!!:)