Monday, March 26, 2007

LTA Part IV - Turn Outs 2

Presenting the 4th in the Lecture Time Activity (LTA)series
Some more turn outs ..

  • The Prof was the same as in LTA part 3. Kunnu and I were short of attendance in this particular subject. We were nearing semester exams and only a few lectures remained. So we were desperate to attend the lecture that day. The lecture before it got mass bunked. So we went to the library to get some books to prepare for the sems. Eventually we spent the time chatting, laughing, cracking jokes – as was the usual case on the Library top floor Reading Area. After a lot of time we suddenly realized that we had the all important lecture to attend and we were late.. well quite late – about 30 minutes!!!!!!!!
    Nevertheless we rushed to L 13, asked permission to get in with around 35 minutes of the class over. The Prof, already with his mind not in good condition after the bike incident some days ago, was shocked again at our audaciousness. He refused.

    Kunnu pleaded “Sir.. Attendance short hai.. please let us come”

    At this, the volcano erupted. “I will not allow. What will you do?? You will file a case against me in High Court?? Go Do it.. I am not scared. I will not let you come in. I will not complete your attendance”

    Before he could ask our names, we ran off from there. I feel for the Prof. because as he was talking about High Court Cases (where did that come from we still don’t know), we were smiling standing on the door. And later while he must have been fuming and taking out his ‘gussa’ at the class, Kunnu and I were having a good laugh in the parking!!!

  • Many people must have read this, joked about this but only a few must have experienced this. I was the lucky one to not only have experienced it but being the target.
    I am talking about the famous “Both of You Three. Get Out of the class!”

    It was the lecture of ‘Funny English’ ma’am. I sometimes used to note some of her ‘sayings’ to tell it to other friends later. Kunnu, Thakur and I were sitting in the 3rd row and the funny English plus our internal jokes were keeping us happy and smiling. Of course the teacher didn’t like it. And suddenly we were commanded “Both of you three. Stand up”. We (atleast I) was confused while the class was trying to fathom what had been said. Slowly Kunnu and I stood up. The teacher looked at Thakur. “You tooo”. And Kunnu and I smiled – a bit.

    After Thakur standing, under the air force of fan, with all class laughter, we were introduced to some more funny English – scolding this time. Now when the whole class around you is laughing, it is hard to control – even though you are standing in the full attention of the teacher. The end result is not hard to guess… Both of us three did get out..


Amey said...

Nice one... Fortunately I was one of the few "sincere" students, and so was never asked to leave the class, either alone or "both of you three".

I sometimes used to note some of her ‘sayings’ to tell it to other friends later.
Aah, me and my friend used to keep a journal of such "quotes". I was planning a "Quick Quotes Quill - Teacher edition", but the records were lost during post-BE purge of notebooks :(

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha....
I am still laughing... I can imagine the class and the teacher's confusion as well.

BTW, you are tagged !! Check my blog. :)

SiD said...

@fleiger: same here..mine records were also misplaced.. :(

@cuckoo: oh tagged after a long time!! let me check out what is it!!