Friday, March 23, 2007

LTA Part III - Turn Outs

On popular demand, trying to continue the LTA series.
In this third part in the series, I try to recall the ‘turn outs’.
The following incident has been written with golden words in the History of Mechanical.
It is such a important one that in part 3 I will cover this only.. rest of the turn outs in part 4.

It was a historic event – which has never happened anywhere. It will not and cannot happen again. This was more adventurous than bungee jumping, more daring than the getting in a lion’s cage. The stars were Trainnn and Jolly’s old rugged bike. Cutting to the scene. It was a humanities class (in 2nd year as far as my memory goes)– the teacher was quite senior and serious one. He was in the class a few minutes early. And of course Trainn didn’t know that. There was some disturbance and noise outside and before anyone knew Mr Vinod Trehan entered the class sitting on Jolly’s bike followed by a bunch of guys holding their tummies and cheering him on. Yes…. Bike in the Lecture room… Try to match that!! It was shock and awe for the Prof. Never in his nearing retirement life would he have witnessed such a spectacle. Train and the outside bunch didn’t realize that Prof was there in the class and the pandemonium carried on for a few seconds. Then sudden silence with muffled laughter in the class. Now comes the ‘bahana’- “Sir. Bike ki Brake fail ho gayi thi”. Considering that I am laughing out while writing this, imagine our condition at that time. Lesson to be learnt - Getting late for the lecture.. and brake fails – head straight for the class with the bike.. hahahahahahaa… Strangely enough the prof allowed Train to sit in class.
Later during the lecture the Prof was just roaming around the class while lecturing. Kunnu and I were busy drawing some graffiti on the register as well as table while Trainn sitting just behind us was busy making notes. Not that he usually made notes but he was under some pressure and limelight after the incident earlier.
The Prof came roaming. Kunnu and I continued drawing thinking he will not come that far (second last bench). We realized a bit late of his continued journey and in the nick of time we turned to the previous page where there was some non sense written. The prof glanced at us and then to Trainnn behind us. Then he asked him to show what he was writing. Train, who was duly writing his notes showed him. The Prof turned to the previous page. Notes there too.. then one more page turned – Now C’mon, how can you find notes on every page???
So the prof turned Trainnn out of the class….
Soon the lecture was over and The Legend was Born
Oh !! And regd Kunnu and me… nothing happened to us.. We managed to say “present sir” a few minutes later!!
And yes, no one tried to maaro proxy for Trainn.. because his name was burned in the prof’s mind… May be for the rest of his life!!!!


Amey said...

That would have been a sight to see... The prof probably was so shocked that he didn't realise he had allowed the perpetrator to sit in the class, and by the time he got out of shock, he had to find some reason to turn the guy out ;)

The reason reminded me of one of our tuition teachers who turned my friend out (and told him not to come next day) because he looked at the wall instead of the prof for a minute.

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha...
I am still laughing.

In our class our lady prof. asked one of us to go out. The reason ? We were all laughing and she couldn't control when the prof turned around.
Prof's dialogue - "Main koi joke suna rahi thi ?"

NehaPandey said...

Haha.. mast funny.
I can imagine the scene and laugh out loud.
I remember while in college (11th) we had a mathematics teacher whose English was little assembled. He wouldn’t say "get out" but would say "come to here" (pointing to come near him) n then say "go to there" (pointing to the door).He had thrown me out once for disturbing the class and commanding like that. So next day I entered his class taking his permission -"Sir, can I come to there". The whole class burst into laughter and of course he didn’t let me come in for next two days. :)

SiD said...

@Fleiger: exactly.. guess he realized later that the culprit was in the class...
There is some more on the same Prof in LTA - IV.. the victim that time is me!! wait for it ;)

@Cuckoo: Guess Teachers are universal in many ways... we too have had that joke things from teachers.. no c'mon yaar.. cant we have some fun in the class.. kaun samjhaye in teachers ko!!

@Neha: Funny engLish teacher - again.. it seems like everyone has it.. wait for my funny english teacher experience in LTA IV...;)